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  • diseasefreeoglio diseasefreeoglio Jan 6, 2013 9:36 AM Flag

    The Antisense story , and related ribozyme story I researched in approx. 1994.


    Thats why i always respected you telling it the way it is.

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    • I am waiting for his proof that he has been involved in "thousands" of court cases. His mumbo jumbo posted above, is not his own words, he cut and pasted from a real analyst, something aged and available to him. The HHS, through NCBI, found the following to be true;

      Antisense transcripts in the human genome.
      Lehner B, Williams G, Campbell RD, Sanderson CM.
      MRC UK HGMP Resource Centre, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK CB10 1SB.
      By a systematic search of vertebrate mRNA sequences, we have identified a surprisingly large number of human antisense transcripts. These data suggest that regulation of gene expression by antisense and double-stranded RNAs could be a common phenomenon in mammalian cells.


      This information is easily found through a google search.

      The HHS systems have more nobel laureates than the rest of the world combined (for the related sciences in which they are engaged).

      If you want to trust a short liar on a posting board, go ahead.

      As to antisense working well enough to compete with drugs and then, eliminate drugs completely because antisense works better than drugs (in time, it will), it is an inevitable outcome.

      On one thing, I do agree with Dark. People take advantage of one another based on what they know and when they know it, having to do with antisense technology. In a sense, the antisense *story* is more a revelation of the DARK side of people, rather than the enlightened side of the ingenuity of mankind.

      And like I have now posted several times, if DARK had severe FH, was over 50 and his heart was going BANG BANG, he would take Kynamro right now, cold turkey if his drugs were failing. And that tells the real story here.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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