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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight Jan 5, 2013 5:59 PM Flag

    The Antisense story , and related ribozyme story I researched in approx. 1994.

    Not much new today. The 2.5 generation was mostly hype... better but not good enough. The CEO & I knew the dark facts that in the case where antisense appeared to be working, the molecules usually did not conform to predictions associated with an antisense method of action. So, this appeared to me to be another case of where the promise of rational drug design employing polynucleotides did not live up to reality. In the case of ribozymes, it is perhaps even a bit worse. I could go on and on with regard to the logic flaws but why bother. When the CEO announced in print ( I have the release copy) that he did not want to do partnering because, " there was no real money in it," I said to myself, "show me one proven viable Isis antisense drug and then I'll believe it.) The 1500 fools gold patents for the most part have only made the water cloudy enough for Citigroup to buy over eight million shares much to their later chagrin. Look, I have always hoped that antisense drugs would be the answer, alas, to this day the targeting remains the only success. All of the new recipes to manipulate this way and that have had more serious problems. Just the facts. I hope Yahoo will let these facts go through but maybe not. Oh well. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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    • Dark I like you and wish you well, but a lot has changed since you first went on your anti-ISIS foray. Things are different now, the technology is really a whole lot better and things are going to move for ISIS. In order to keep your record in tact it would behoove you to change course at this time. The competition in regards to stock price between ISIS and VICL with whatever date has been lost. I hope VICL serves you well, the competition however between the two won't. Take care, t

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      • Hi Jet. Happy New Year my friend. Wishing you a break through and pps break out for ISIS in 2013. We will have to get together and exchange some investment ideas. As for your statement regarding competition against VICL, could you please elaborate. Which platform? A-7, CMV, adjunct?? TIA

      • Hi jetman,

        Ya know I like you and all that, : ) but do you know that some people think that antisense technology is a cure for disease? Nope, not one cure for any disease. Please show me one ! I see 73 IDs has his dark bowels are in an uproar over the facts of the antisense dangerous flaws. I'm still looking for short stuff to buy his first share out of pocket. The list of antisense victims is a long one. The chimps all died right up through this day. Who's next ? Hopefully, antisense technology can be used as a therapy with other drugs. BTW, where is that ORAL that the CEO promised to be proven in 1999? Ouch, that darn spike every week due to the short half-life is punishment that people or only the dying prisoners will accept to get out of jail! Yes indeed, the antisense destruction by cellular enzymes is ongoing to this day... the list goes on and on.

        Ahh, the truth prevails. What's interesting though is I've never short any Isis shares in my life. Also, the future is in vaccines as it has been for many decades. Yes, those naked-DNA vaccines are the safe future! No competition when it comes to SAFETY ! Wish you well Jet.

    • Whole new batch of newbies over here!

    • darkster

      yip yip yip ..... old stories & old fairytails never die in the minds of those who proclaim themselves the expert of experts with multi-tasking yahoo posting's.

      boxcarwhillie ......... lol

    • Darkster,

      Thats why i always respected you telling it the way it is.

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      • I am waiting for his proof that he has been involved in "thousands" of court cases. His mumbo jumbo posted above, is not his own words, he cut and pasted from a real analyst, something aged and available to him. The HHS, through NCBI, found the following to be true;

        Antisense transcripts in the human genome.
        Lehner B, Williams G, Campbell RD, Sanderson CM.
        MRC UK HGMP Resource Centre, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK CB10 1SB.
        By a systematic search of vertebrate mRNA sequences, we have identified a surprisingly large number of human antisense transcripts. These data suggest that regulation of gene expression by antisense and double-stranded RNAs could be a common phenomenon in mammalian cells.


        This information is easily found through a google search.

        The HHS systems have more nobel laureates than the rest of the world combined (for the related sciences in which they are engaged).

        If you want to trust a short liar on a posting board, go ahead.

        As to antisense working well enough to compete with drugs and then, eliminate drugs completely because antisense works better than drugs (in time, it will), it is an inevitable outcome.

        On one thing, I do agree with Dark. People take advantage of one another based on what they know and when they know it, having to do with antisense technology. In a sense, the antisense *story* is more a revelation of the DARK side of people, rather than the enlightened side of the ingenuity of mankind.

        And like I have now posted several times, if DARK had severe FH, was over 50 and his heart was going BANG BANG, he would take Kynamro right now, cold turkey if his drugs were failing. And that tells the real story here.

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    • You believe this? And you claim to be a "researcher"? The net sum total of your research is a pure guess, because you say :I could go on and on with regard to the logic flaws" but sir, in your post, you provided not one logic flaw? Do you really think you can baffle someone with skill, with BS? Did you know, for example, all such patent applications as ISIS submitted, are reviewed by a team of PhDs? oooops Or the article I posted, conclusively identifies dual stranded RNA antisense sequences COMMONLY found in the human genome? (hundreds of thousands, in fact, if you RESEARCH it) Sir, you are looking a little could try "man has not yet landed on mars, so he never will" and that would sum up your *research*. You are a shameless hack and on your guess, you shorted ISIS and are under water. Poor you...

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