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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight Jan 16, 2013 2:55 AM Flag

    Is it Isis time 1992 from 1984 ? How about 1997 to 2013 ?

    Same dangerous side effects with antisense drugs. Why would Isis insiders drop out when you have the greatest dark story ever told ? Mean while, the insiders can milk it forever with no viable large scale successful phase 3 antisense drug in the history of antisense. Still the 80% absorption rate leaving 20% of the disease. UGH. There will never be an antisense cure of disease that is why I moved on to vaccines many years ago. : ) Wish I was wrong but the IV board cratered the pump geniuses for the last many years causing many star gazers to move on. When I informed them of the facts with regard to the Lilly - Isis $330 million deal they threw me off their one sided pumper only board. Chuckle. Folks, there was always a newbie posting, "Is this the time" such as in 1997 when the no "revolutionary" Gen 2.5 was hyped to the stars. Be careful here as the higher teens in stock price become starved for oxygen. Remember my last Strong Sell at $23 in 2008, then my first Strong Buy last March at $7.16 to $7.18 ? Ok, class is over, you may exit in the dark of night. Hmmmm.

    Whoops, wait a minute... hope you purchased some Vical shares. Good luck. : )

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    • Way to go darkster tell it like it is ! We need some one on this board who wasn't born yesterday. isis insiders have been unloading their freebies since time began. Why, because they get them replaced before the ink is dry. All the geniuses have to do is look it up right there in black and white. i have to wonder if barass is 5 years old or 7 ? darkster when you informed us that isis never had a phase 3 drug sell for a profit, after reading the barass you might think isis has 30 drugs on the market instead of none approved in the usa. Keep it right here darkster, thanx.

    • every yahoo posting board has to have a pimple. In our case, we have the lone boil....until he breaks out and answers himself...

      His post is so obviously flawed and his investing thesis so random, I have to make some points here

      ISIS insiders have not dropped out, they continue to hold massive amounts of stock. They now have more than 5 major partners...the "IBMs" of Biotech.

      The greatest discovery (not story) is that human cells use millions of RNA(s) to self regulate gene expression, even the geico looking low hanging brow short knows this but a certain one refuses to read...

      No one at ISIS or in the analytic community is claiming antisense is an absolute cure for anything. "Cures" do not exist for anything. Modern man seeks remedy through surgery, nutrition, drugs and biologicals. Suppression of disease and disease conditions while not promoting intolerable side effects is precisely what the industry is about, but certain people cannot get this into their thick skull.

      How could a jac#$%$ diss the company and all it is trying to do, while admitting its a strong buy at 7? ????????????????????????????

      This is an individual who cannot possibly understand human immunity, much less, the function and form of DNA/RNA and its role in forming and managing living cells. His forte is finger painting. He should stick to it. But it just goes to show you, random winds will always BLOW.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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