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  • muppettsalad muppettsalad Jan 24, 2013 11:59 AM Flag

    Crammer is cited as having said sell ISIS, he did not say that. He said wait for a lower price to buy more

    That is exactly what he said last night. The media falsely reports him and the shorts win. Again. On a phony fraud.

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    • You are 100% correct. The woman who called in said she bought at 8.50 and sold at 14.30.
      Cramer congratulated her on making some money and then said to wait and she would PROBABLY be able to buy it at a lower price.
      That is what I heard, and people are misplacing his words.
      I am still trying to figure out why we pulled back so much after the quick run back up to 13.90.
      It is noon CT. and we are at 13.48.

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      • The FDA's pre-panel report on safety concerns SHOULD make longs nervous and make it easy to take profits.It should be logical to expect a sell-off before next Tuesday regardless whether it's the right or wrong choice. It may never happen,but at 13.50, a more robust sell-off SEEMS logical.

      • Your never wrong to take a profit. She almost doubled her money, and ISIS was at $13 this morning and rose to $13.8X.

        There are a lot of shorts ready for a squeeze, but with the nice return in such a short time there must be quite a few momentum traders. Makes sense they are taking their profits.

        I took about 25% off the table, I didn't in September and wish I had.

        I'd like the shorts to win again so I can expand my position again, if not I have a profit already and plenty of shares left for future gain. You do you...

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