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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight Feb 1, 2013 2:08 AM Flag

    Protecting the Isis newbies at all cost has been my goal since many families were wiped out financially.

    Remember when Short stuff raised his voice and stated, "There is no liver toxicity with Mipo" for the last many years? (LIE) All I could do was inform the facts, alas, to no avail for some of the Isis victims.

    I'm still proud to have called the Lilly disaster, the 301012 and several others such as the Crohn's so called "Potent", "Validated", "Revolutionary" failures since approx. 1998. Short stuff & youknowwho have received a gold mine of freebie options for over 20 years for failing to deliver not ONE, to this day, successful Viable antisense drug ! Yes , it's been good to further research in the antisense drug field, however, to drain $millions upon $millions from the poor loyal Isis stockholders for just their personal benefit is tragic. I wish Short stuff would just sell the company right now while the GREAT PUMPKIN antisense myth is rolling along the Wall Street naive analyst stage. : ( Good luck all and don't forget to buy a few shares of Vical. : )

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    • We shall see about vical Says here that A-7 flops. Which means ISIS gets one and Vicl doesn't.
      Looking forward to seeing your post then.

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      • Hi outinfront.

        We agree on several fronts from what I remember of you way back. The CEO always liked to do dilution at the wrong time. That is why year after year I voted him down to this day. However, in contrast to that view, I always have added more shares on any pull back due to the fact of Vical's technology staying in the front without antisense type dangerous flaws. This solid NAKED-DNA vaccine technology is located right in the bulls eye for big pharma to fight for and they will. I also understand your anger but I rest easy with Vical. You always seem intelligent that is why I never understood your interest in Isis after the numerous times I have exposed the dark side of antisense drugs. At any rate we agree on many points with regard to Vj ! So far Vj has more on the ball than Short stuff, and, I know it for a fact.

        Hang in there and do & say what you feel is the best route to move on as I'm not offended. The delays have given me the chance to add tens & tens of thousands of Vical shares on the cheap. Just one question: Are you really not aware of Vical's approved technology related drugs ?


      • Vical already has 2 where have you been ? Ha ha

    • Dark,

      I respect your well known opinion. I've been following and trading ISIS stock since 2006/2007 and better things are yet to come. Watching the video from Octobers 9-6 decision it's hard to believe the testimony from those helped from the drug could be faked. Has there been any evidence saying that Kynamro didn't work?

      After researching Vical your right about it's potential, and some shares have found it's way to my account. I can not agree with your evaluation of ISIS. The patents have real value. The salesmanship it must have taken to convince their partners to pay nice sized milestones and percentages - basically fronting and offsetting much financial risk - is unimaginable.

      Or the kool-aid tastes that good.

      If people want to cell here it's hard to argue against it. With a high short interest the stock could surge at any moment. Until the Feb Calls get closer, a chance to re-buy lower is there. As one person said, why try to pick up pennies in front of the bulldozer, when you can drive the bulldozer onward.


      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Dark, I've been in OGXI since 2001; I know the meaning of dead money, dilution, but on the other hand, I've seen a new small company with a new technology and science go from nothing to on the brink of two Phase III cancer drug tests and a new super drug in Phase II.

        The business side of any drug stinks. Management does what it has to do in the real world outside the lab. Most of us can't understand the realities of science in the lab. We all just hope the science of ASO drugs work not only because we have invested but the drugs help people.

        It is not too late to forgive the drug (if that is possible) and get into OGXI. Hey, you don't want to be too heavily invested in VICAL. But I promise, I will match you share for share in VICAL if you get into OGXI.

      • Hi stg.

        Yes , you're right the antisense kool aid has a come hither sweet smell, it's those darn side effects that do the damage.

        Why do you suppose Short stuff has been picking up the pennies for 24 years, yet still driving the bulldozer onward ? He knows two out of three aren't bad , that leaves the poor long-suffering stockholders as number three.

        Have you noticed the Vical accmulation sneaking in to buy ?

    • Thanks for all the "help"

    • Not the first time crooke lied !

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Stay right here darkout! Thanx for all you do.

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