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  • nycknowsbest nycknowsbest May 15, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

    Darkout, give us another run down on the ans. toxic facts. Why no isis real approved "Viable" drugs in 23 years?

    Why only the isis insiders have become wealthy and no stockholders ? Expose them darkster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I know a few stock holders who made a decent amount of money owning ISIS. Made a few mucks myself selling puts when it dropped below $19. If it get's back to around $22 my current holdings will see about 100% gain.

      But yes, tell how it is. Expose the Truth. Would be nice to hear some honest substantiated opinion. One would think Kynamro would be a "Viable" drug considering the FDA's approval. What does the FDA know?

      Perhaps there is just a communication error on our part on what the word Viable means:

      viable (ˈvaɪəb ə l)
      — adj
      1. capable of becoming actual, useful, etc; practicable: a viable proposition
      2. (of seeds, eggs, etc) capable of normal growth and development
      3. (of a fetus) having reached a stage of development at which further development can occur independently of the mother

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