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  • pipewrench65 pipewrench65 Jul 10, 2013 6:03 PM Flag

    Class Action Lawsuit

    Is it time to hire some ambulance chasing lawyer and file a class action lawsuit on behalf of all the idiots who sold or shorted this stock.?

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    • The shorts haven't lost yet stupid. One cancer scare and the drop in shares will make you scream !

      Without engagement.

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      • You are always so humble and complementary while you are being unengaged. Maybe patience is growing thin because you have been wrong 1000% per cent of the time in over eight months. You will continue to be wrong. The best way for you to save face, reduce risk, and start a family is to leave this board forever, go to the VICL board....your true love except for your new wife, and if you are at all romantic you will let her know that, and start a family. Your voice will become increasingly smaller, but as a father you will be top dog at home. I'll keep reminding you of this until you leave and get a life. t

      • elites_steal_from_muppets elites_steal_from_muppets Jul 10, 2013 11:16 PM Flag

        Your very words ARE engaging. Its like ending your post "not in english". And you call others stupid? You're a loonie.

      • The shorts ARE toast. Mipo already had a cancer scare when stock was at 9. The drug was still approved in spite of Dark's vote(like anyone of value has ever listened to him- you excluded), and ISIS is no longer at 9 after your cancer scare. I guess it is better to be a stock that has gone from 3 to 30 than a stock still at 3 but with plenty of potential. Hope springs eternal for VICL. I am rooting for its upward movement to maybe 4 or so, or maybe even 3.80 but it is not there yet. GO VICL ALL THE WAY TO 3.80 OR EVEN THE BIG 4.00. WE ARE ROOTING FOR YOU TO MAKE IT TO 4 ALONG WITH DARK THE ALMIGHTY. That should make all you needle adverse VICL fans a lot of money, but you are not there yet. You are at 3.70 and floundering in your needledom.

      • Watch who your calling stupid pal. They said the same thing about Biogen and Amgen back in the 70's. Go back and look at the charts. Any time you want to compare bank accounts let me know-loser.

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