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  • billydbaseball billydbaseball Jul 12, 2013 5:33 PM Flag

    Dark Helmet

    New to this board so I don't know who Dark Helmet is but I assume he is an ISIS bull and a smart person.

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    • You are right. Dark Helmet is an ISIS bull. He recently put out a STRONG BUY signal on ISIS because its next three drug partnerships (FXII, ELF4E and CRP) are all larger annual sales than ISIS current marketcap and none are at a disadvantage because of needle administration (CRP competes with Humira, FXII goes into IV during knee replacement operation, and EIf4-e goes into IV during cancer therapy.) I think Dark said ISIS is going to 70 or higher. He also called a new high on VICL at 3.85 (a 15% increase from its current run).

    • Yeah, Billy, he's an Isis bull, a bullsh-ter. Dark is a fired former employee who lives to get his revenge on Isis. Now employed by a hedge fund who wants all of us to sell cheap so they can buy cheap, he spends his days posting lies and scary "truths" about Isis. He has many aliases like David G, trudywaspaid, facerealityforonce, etc. Best to put him and his aliases on ignore. Better yet to go to IV as he's not there and they have actual intelligent discussions of Isis there.

    • True, he bought isis at $7.16 , sold it at $28.75 to buy Vical at $2.93. Before that he sold isis at $23 and bought Vical at $1.80. No one smarter then the Darkster. Darkouts batting 1000 billybaseball. Face it !

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