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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight Sep 4, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

    Hi Jet, congrats to you &the rest of Isis longs.

    You all deserve the gain for your long suffering loyalty... at least I hope you have a gain. BTW, I will not sell one share of Vical. Chuckle with a chortle. : )

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    • Dark, accumulate RNN, over an 18 month period of time you can come back to VICL. t

    • Darkout. You are a class act ! Keep up the good work !

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      • Hey Darkout, nice f#%@*ing new name. I trust that this moniker of "flu" reference became available when one of your Vical boys was fired. A little tip is that it becomes immediately obvious that you are writting the post when you need to say that "Darkout is a class act." No one else in the world would want to make that claim.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Jet, let me explain, I congratulate you on the stock rise, not ,because Isis has even ONE viable proven successful antisense drug. Remember, antisense has major safety problems and will always have same I have always liked antisense for targeting not for their toxic dangerous side effects. Have a great day... I will too. : )

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      • Furthermore... after each of your prophetic failures I really do find humor in your MO of acting like intelligent ISIS posters (eg; Jet) are your life long bosom buddies. Guess that it's about your last resort for keeping your foot in the ISIS Board door after such resounding defeats.

      • Now please let me try to understand. Is your stock picking credibility so proven by the recent performance of your cherished Vical that you think that people should believe you? Chortle and GULP! Should we then be secure enough with your claimed vast knowledge of antisense technology to take a giant leap and believe that all of the major pharmas that have paid big money to partner with ISIS are wrong about the value of their antisense drugs? Chortle and CHOKE! It follows that you must then ask us to not think about all of the thousands of scientists and doctors that work for those major Pharmas and are betting their futures on antisense technology. I find it hard to believe that anyone could chose to listen to you. I suggest that you go chuckle and chortle your way over to the Vical board (they should need some humor) and leave the successful investors alone on the ISIS Board.

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