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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight Sep 14, 2013 3:49 AM Flag

    Isis Dark insider sellers blasted the geniuses with their freebies in Sept. too! Mercy me where they dig them up?

    Notice how after each new motley pump they throw their freebie confetti paper into the blast furnace owned by naive funds. I've never seen anything like this in my life, hey, more power to the insiders of Isis. Here you have a huge pumper by the name of "Prune Juice", she seems to be the average intellectually powered buyer of Isis antisense paper. Really folks ya can't make this dark toxic stuff up. Chuckle with a hardy chortle. : )

    Remember, I warned decades ago that with antisense targeting that there could be a NO news release every week pretending of another NO "Revolutionary" disease cure. This hype is sad but on the positive side it will create hope for the future. I also hope the best for antisense & VICAL. Hang in there folks but be wary !

    Your friend darkouttonight. : )

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    • Dark,

      Give it a rest. You have done more harm to Vical newbies and your groupie-like followers than most high risk analysts touting their boiler room hot sheets. You have been absolutely wrong on many, many, and many of your predictions. People would be far ahead if they would have stayed in Isis than jumping to Vical and holding. you were plugging Vical in the 4's and now it's in the cellar treading water just above a buck.
      You and your ego are dangerous. It is over dark. Take a break.

    • It's very common for employees to sell their stock or option, especially when stock rising a lot (tripled here) after being low for a long time. If you check any other company, employees sell their stock consistently, including senior officers, what's big deal of that? ISIS pulled back 20% recently. My understanding is that market used ISIS CEO's sell order as an excuse to realize their gain after the amazing performance this year. Now that the other foot is on the ground, it won't surprise me to see the next surge beginning around the corner. Peace.....

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      • What you said is very correct. There are diverse reasons as why employees or senior officers sell their stock or options. Reasons may include paying off debt, sending their young adults to a university to get educated, or some are getting ready to retire. Dr. Crooke for instance is 68 years old, he may be selling his shares to have a comfortable nest egg.

        The only prune I see is darkouttonight and all of the aliases that he or she might have such as hueyknowsbest or nycknowsbest for instance. I am surprise that there isn't an alias by the name of, "Arnold the Pig", for darkouttonight.

        Anyways, he has recommended VICL for years to people on this board and the CEO of VICL has bought stock in that company for years, opposite to what has happen with ISIS. Where is VICL company today, almost belly-up. I am sure that those who listened to darkouttonight are no longer comfortable.

        I am fine with officers of ISIS to sell their stock, it is their reason and right to do so.

    • They treat stockholders as trash. The former cfo dumped 60,000 last week , what did she ever do worth while ?

      Sentiment: Sell

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