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  • matty96 matty96 Feb 5, 1998 3:33 PM Flag

    short squeeze coming?

    hold on to your shorts, because they may come off tom.

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    • >>>> Thanks for the tip.
      I'll look into RFMI.<<<<

      It WAS NOT a tip. It was an example of CNBC's ability to move a stock and keep it there.


    • Thanks for the tip.
      I'll look into RFMI.

    • I had just turned on CNBC and heard Joe speak about possible good news for ISIP. I monitored the stock trades and when I saw the volume start to increase I bought 10 Feb 15 call contracts at 1/4. Can you beleive this.

    • You're right, the volume was fast, furious and large. I saw some very large trades go through, I saw one that was 100,000 shares. Tomorrow should be a nice day.

    • >>>Oh what to do!<<<

      If the longs don't bail the shorts will have to cover. The high for the last 6 months was 18 5/8 and it didn't stay above 18
      for long. With the news and the CNBC effect they will be tripping all over themselves to try and save what profit they have or
      cut their loses, depending where they got in. They'll also think twice about reshorting. With all the volume today people will
      be looking at the news story and making the decision to buy. The first antisense drug to make it through FDA phase 3 trials has
      promise. We could stay above 16-17 if all goes well tomorrow. Check out RFMI. They were on CNBC on 6/19/97 and never looked back
      (well for 5 months anyway). Count me as a long term long.


    • Professionals had to be buying ISIP.
      Is there any word on a suitor?
      With all the consolidation in the drug stocks
      it could be a possibility. I certainly don't have any facts
      but you never know. Why would'nt a larger
      company want to get their hands on this new
      drug delivery method (antisense) and ISIP's
      pipeline. Novartis, Merck or Bohreinger are all possible;
      ISIP could use the deep pockets to accelerate its research.
      I would hate to sell these guys on a quick run up and be kicking
      myself in the paints for bailing too soon. Oh what to do!

    • Volume that large was done by professionals. It was too much to fast to attribute to retired folks watching CNBC

    • I also bought another 500 shares near today's low. This happens to me all the time and my pet theory is that when some of the big guys want to accumulate, first they sell short to take out all the stop losses of those who can't follow intraday trading. This also scares some people into believing bad news is coming so they get out early. Me, I see a buying opportunity I can't pass up and today is yet another example. When I saw stock down 1/2 point I had to buy.

    • Worth called ISIP the next microsoft in an article in the
      summer of 1996. I've owned ISIP through thick and
      thin and for some reason bought 500 more shares yesterday.
      Has my ship finally come in?
      This is too cool.
      Good luck ISIP holders.

    • Now I wish I bought another 5000.

      Did you see the volume today. That is a record!!

      Should be exciting tomorrow.

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