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  • webaker_97 webaker_97 Feb 13, 1998 10:10 AM Flag


    Very nice summary!

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    • The time is now and it will be now for the next 10 years despite the price.

      Let's do the math:

      200,000 people suffering with Crohns.
      $10,000 for each patient
      200,000 x $10,000 = $2,000,000,000.00
      stock price = $85 a share

    • I heard an ad for today's NBC Nightly News that said they were going to explore new treatments in the war against cancer. They mentioned the treatments have few side effects. They didn't say it, and I could be wrong, but something tells me they may be talking about Isis. After the Consumer Digest article, I think it is a real possibility. I will try to watch to see if it is Isis they mention, but I thought I would share it with all of you.

    • Hi pdock7777,

      I would guess that 13 would be a realistic price to buy at and you can expect 50 % return in nine months if you are disciplined and sell at 19 3/4. Keep in mind the stock may only hit this level (of 13) say twice or so, thus get your orders in early for it is first come first served.


    • I have been following ISIP for 2 years. I have kept in contact and watched as they have slowly inched forward. I have faith that you are making a wise choice in ISIP. Having said that I would not get in yet. The cancer drug in the pipeline are far off. The good news on the retinitis drug is out approval by FDA is 1 year off at best. The only upcoming news is on Crohn's disease.

      I am a little worried about the outcome of these trials. Crohn's could be a big market and the drug to put Isis on the map.
      They are scheduled to get some prelim results of the study by an independent 3rd party at the midpoint of the study. I called to
      get an estimate of when they would release this news. They of course could not say. Based on what I got from IR it could be a
      while. If someone has more info on the Crohn's study I would like to know. I think good news would definitely move the stock.

      Having said this IMHO you anytime is a good entry point. If you are holding long term. This company is in a new field and has a jump on the competition. If they play their cards correctly this stock could be another Microsoft. But if they are delt a setback they won't be around in 2 or 3 years.

      Good Luck. I will buy as soon as the Crohn's midpoint is released. I think there will still be pletty of upside potential.

      One last thing I read the article in Consumer digest. Very good article. Sounds great. If this can do positive things for 1/2 of the Ovarian cancer population Isis will make lots of money. Most everyone with ovarian cancer dies.

    • I am considering purchasing isip soon. At what price, would you
      long term investors, consider a good entry point? I would like
      to accumulate a 1000 share over the next year. Any help would
      be greatly appreciated.

    • Thanks a lot for your quick post about the article. It is great that Isis will be getting some press talking about their promising pipeline, and the response about their clinical trials saving a person's life cannot help but to illustrate the potential this company can provide. I don't think any of us long-termers want to hype the stock up, but we would like to see it generate interest and rise on its own merits.

    • There were two companies featured in this article, one company was ISIS.

      If you are an ISIS follower, there is nothing really new in this article. It does point out that an ISIS drug saved a woman's life in clinical testing of the drug - she had ovarian cancer. The article also outlines three ISIS drugs that are in clinical trials. The article is not earth shattering for ISIS loyals, but it is a plus for getting the word out. This might lead for future articles in more mainstream magazines. That's what we need to get people interested. Way to go Stan Crooke.

    • PVINNIA, could you tell us whether the article was exclusively about ISIP, or was Isis just mentioned? Are there any points in the article that struck you as being very significant, etc? I will try to find the article, but could you let us know since we don't have it yet? Thanks a lot!

    • Though the article is good and exciting, that's not the reason
      to invest in Isis. Fortunately, the other reasons for investing in
      this company are there also (enough money, good management,
      very promising products, good partners, and a lead in the
      field). We will probably see a spike here, but then don't be surprised by a pull back. Just follow the progress and make
      sure it is forward overall. In all likelyhood, there will eventually
      be enough good news for Isip to move up to a new trading
      range. Who know when? I do not. But conservatively, I
      would guess at 9 months to 1 year for enough info to be present
      to make a big upward move inevitable. But I have no illusions that we could even drop below the 52 week low, but if the company shows progress in the meantime, I will continue to add
      to my position.

      If we start to get a broad biotech rally that many of us think should happen one of these days, then that could do it. The
      good biotech companies are valued like the bad ones. Just
      concentrate on the ones with enough money first, then good
      partners, then good drugs (more than 3) underdevelopment with
      broad market appeal, then good management (this last one is
      usually assured if the first 3 are there).

      Then with biotech, diversify so that you have a least one that
      is doing something so that you feel you can wait long enough
      for the promise of the company to be finally recognized. Suggestions are IGEN, SEPR, and LGND. These have the
      criteria. Follow the money.

      Hang in there PVINNYA. Keep that article nearby and read it when you feel like selling. Make sure your decision to sell is based on Isis failing to live up to it's promise, not price.

      There are some on this thread that give good info about the clinical trials and what it means. Memorize the drug names and the trials that they are in. Keep track of that. Some results will be good and others won't be. See what else they start up. And
      forget the human tendancy to follow those worried about price
      changes,,,"the price went (up/down) today, does anyone know
      what it means?" Yes, I do want to know too, but it does not mean a thing by itself. Get used to prices dropping on good news also.

      Regards, a long time biotech investor.

    • You are right It is in the most recent issue of Consumer Digest, I confused the two as well.

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