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  • schwarts1 schwarts1 Mar 9, 1999 12:44 PM Flag

    Press Releases

    I do not know where they are presenting but the
    news releases on Reuters indicate that Isis is
    planning a slew of new trials for very large indications
    (Diabetes, Hepatitis C, Asthma, Psoriasis,etc.) as well as
    file the NDA for Crohn's disease in Q1, 2000.

    Question: It sounds great but these would seem to be large,
    and very expensive trials. How will they pay for

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    • Remember, the first ten factors in adding a drug
      to an insurance company's formulary are price. Most
      of the clinically depressed people being treated are
      on prozac (Lilly) or Zoloft (Pfizer) insurance
      companies are refusing to cover these drugs as there are
      cheaper SSRIs.

    • I can't tell you anything about what the
      "expected" trial results are. I do know that the Company is
      optimistic that the compounds either alone or in conjunction
      with other chemo-therapeutics will display efficacy.
      They have already proven that they are safe and don't
      have any of the side effects of chemo or radiation

      We should have ph II results for at least some of
      the cancer indications by mid-year.


    • I think what is going on is many investors are
      waiting to see if anti-sense is actually viable.
      believe that 2302 will be approved for Crohn's which will
      get the market somewhat more interested.
      I believe
      that ISIS will have to get one more approval after
      Crohn's for the market to really believe
      in anti-sense
      and for the stock to take off. Patience...

    • Any company where almost its entire future needs
      one particular drug to be approved to survive is a
      very high risk proposition...

      Now, if Nucleo is
      right about other alliances being formed along with
      milestone payments and other non-diluting cash infusions,
      the company would be less vulnerable to 2302 risk and
      more stable IMO.

    • I really appreciate your insight and knowledge
      about Isis.I'ts given me a better understanding
      reguarding timelines, NDA procedures and so on. However, can
      you comment on any of the developments concerning
      3521and 5132. Trail completion dates, expected results
      ect. A report I received from Lehman Brothers sugested
      results first half 99 and could effect stock price. Thank
      you in advance for your time.

    • When investors think that profits are around the
      corner, they buy. Most biotech investors are savvy enough
      to know that crap like "100 patents" press release
      means ZILCH without a product that is approved for
      Only one thing matters short term with ISIS, and that
      is 2302. With it, they become a viable company.
      Without it, they will have to continue to rely on
      dilution and the goodwill of investors to survive.
      company where almost its entire future needs one drug.

    • What will happen to the stock if in late Dec.
      they file for a NDA for 2302 for Chrons Disease and
      nearly the same time report positive Phase II results on
      their cancer drugs. I believe that the Chron's disease
      NDA will confirm for everyone that antisense works.
      That followed by positive cancer data could result in
      massive buying like it did for entremed, but unlike
      entremed, we have a whole way to fight disease, not just 1
      product. Any thoughts?

    • Has anyone tracked the correlation of "good news"
      from Isis with the price of the stock? Isis has made
      numerous positive annoucements about its technology, its
      scientific achievements, and its development of new drugs
      over the years. Now there's the "risk of failure" for
      2302. But the fundamental question is what would
      "success" have to look like for the stock price to take off
      as so many anticipate? Gives us your predictions you

      A quick look at the history of positive news from
      Isis and share price for ISIP shows little to no
      sustained up tick in price. Why?

    • Getting ANY drug approved is a tricky thing.
      Sure, all that we know about 2302 would suggest it
      would be a slam dunk, but we don't know what we don't

      All of the data I've seen on 2302 has been positive,
      but the big trial data isn't in yet. There are a lot
      of companies touting the next cure with low side
      effects, until they do a big trial and find big

      IMHO, if 2302 gets shot down, this company is toast.
      All of their other drugs are several years down the

      I sure hope you are right, for my fiance as well as
      for shareholders, but I'm not counting my chickens
      until the NDA is filed.

      From the looks of
      things, neither is Stanley Crooke, who wants to raise
      some cash now by diluting the stock. I've read your
      posts on the reasoning for the offering, and they make
      a certain kind of sense, but so does the thought
      that if it is a "slam dunk" they would wait until
      after the NDA.

      Didn't know you were such a large
      shareholder. But thanks for the truth in posting.
      Also, $80
      million in profit or $250 million doesn't matter when
      you're talking about whether to buy a stock with as
      small a market cap as ISIS...If it happens this company
      will explode in value. It just depends on whether it
      will multiply by 10 or by 30.

      I for one, would
      be happy with $100 a share, which would put us in
      the same category with Centocor and Immunex --
      biotechs with profitable drugs on the market and a
      multibillion market cap.

    • on this board have substantial reason to believe that this company is heading for profitability?

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