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  • mayhem99 mayhem99 Jun 6, 1999 9:19 AM Flag


    You say "Nucleo/cyclix do not give a balanced view on Isis." and you say your only interest in ISIS is in shorting it. Maybe your the one that is giving the unbalanced vier.

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    • Can't get it today. They must have bleeped it out.

    • among other things - more recognition from a major pharm company, continued funding - important since biotech ipo mkt is blah, and more validation of isis' potential...


    • What does this agreement mean to us shareholders?

    • filing in regards to collaborative agreement between isis and Elan.

    • In early 1995 I purchased and still own stock in
      HGSI, MEDI and ISIP. The reason was to cover the human
      body by gene, vaccine and antisense. I had never heard
      of antisense but because of Human Genome Sciences
      indepth collaboration with ISIS I bought ISIP. My
      question is, due to your knowledge of Isis can you inform
      me what happen? This collaboration was apparently
      shot very quietly. Was it technical, business or

      My purpose for knowing is-just trying to complete
      the total picture (connections) of my investments and
      avoid tunnel vision. Please see post #4108. Thanks.

    • You are absolutely right about ISIS receiving
      orphan drug status. Since ISIS will show that the
      end-points for its ISIS 2302 trials are anticipated to
      effect only a "segment" of the Crohn's disease market
      (perhaps just 200,000 potential patients), they should
      experience little difficulty in acquiring orphan drug
      status. i.e., They will demonstrate that ISIS 2302 is
      *steroid sparing* and *symptom relieving.*

      Not all
      Crohn's patients, however, require steroids. Therefore,
      technically, those that don't are not candidates for a steroid
      sparing drug. However, in practice, patients who discover
      ISIS 2302 to be the most effective among all available
      therapeutics in addressing their Crohn's symptoms, will employ
      it, regardless of whether or not they are steroid
      dependent. This may well mean that the market for ISIS 2302
      will realistically be substantially larger than the
      aforementioned 200,000 patients.

      Nucleotide String

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    • for your informative reply to my post. What is
      the current thinking on the use of oligonucleotides
      for antisense therapy as a platform from which to
      launch treatments? Is there excitement about it? For
      instance, does anyone know if Novartis has discussions with
      ISIS about further collaborations? Are other big
      pharma companies talking with ISIS? Thanks again.

    • Filing;

      8K Filing = Unscheduled material events.
      8K/A = Amended report of Unscheduled material event. eom

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