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  • peak_n_valley peak_n_valley Oct 26, 2012 12:18 PM Flag

    About the Verizon Certification

    San Jose, CA – August 13, 2012 GCT Semiconductor LTE Single-Chip Now Certified
    for LTE Modules on Verizon Wireless Network


    What was it Karam said to Quinn Bolton in the CC--we have sometimes dependent on the lab availability and all this process. So it’s not related to our readiness, but this should go out in Q4 definitely.

    apparently GCT and Altair had no issues getting certified-
    imo- it is related to Sequans lack of readiness, Sequans screwed up.

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    • That should answer your question;

      but just in case,,,,Verizon used sequans tools to approve sequans competitors LTE chips. Karam is getting bot-phucked by all carriers globally, ChinaMobile, India, Malaysia will do the same and so will ClearWire, Sprint.
      Karam is not business savvy, he's a technologist.

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      • Cynical and untrue. Verizon doesn't care who they are certifying or in which order as long as the technology is compatible. QCOM on the other hand has demonstrated its willingness to que jump when they (and Apple) offered Taiwan Semiconductor $1 billion for that purpose. Verizon doesn't compete with SQNS. It's about the market place, competition and most likely established relationships. As Sequans moves up the food chain these things will happen in a more timely manner.

    • I have no clue what point your trying to make. They are going to have it by the end of this year. So GTC and Altair already got approval so your saying that because SQNS has not got the official approval yet there is some problem. That is like saying because it took apple longer to get the iphone on sprints network that its not relevant. Come on if you want to down the company you need to do better then that. How does the length of time to get approval equate to a issue. Do you have any clue what verizon was testing their chips on. Also how long ago did GTC and Altair submit their chips before they got that approval. SQNS 1st mentioned they were testing with verizon like 2Q''s ago so I would not say its taking for ever. Its funny you say lack of readiness but yet China mobile came to them directly and asked them to design the TDD/LTE chips for their LTE buildout. I think that says a lot when the largest mobile operator in the world ask you to design and test chips for them. I would hardly say SQNS screwed up when they were busy trying to land the largest markets in the world like India and China and everyone else was to busy working on the US that is already oversaturated. The fact they already have china and India and now are ABOUT to have the US speaks volume in my book.

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