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  • alexandrechateau alexandrechateau Jan 9, 2013 11:47 AM Flag

    VERIZON internet of things multibillions market


    Lowell McAdam, chief executive officer of Verizon Communications (VZ), believes the company can generate hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenue from its wireless network if it looks beyond smartphones and tablets. The executive notes that Verizon will focus on other areas of business, from healthcare and automobiles to energy management. Utilizing wireless networks beyond mobile devices is expected to be a major theme at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada and in the future. Verizon’s biggest rival, AT&T (T), on Monday announced plans to develop a wireless home security network, for example.

    “It’s safe to say this is a market potential of billions in the 2020 timeframe,” McAdam said in an interview with Reuters, adding that this should translate into a market with “hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for a company the size of us.”
    At the annual technology trade show, McAdam highlighted two examples where company’s wireless network can be used to bolster revenue with nonstandard services. He said that it could allow doctors to remotely treat patients and could also help firefighters navigate a burning building with the use of an infrared camera that has wireless access to its layout.
    The executive said that people will be “really surprised” at what the company can do once “the power of the networks is finally going to be able to provide these sort of things.”

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    • why is it that Sequans doesn't announce real products using their chips, Georges says to wait for second half of 2013(he missed the ramp in 2012) and missed the ramp in 2011. Julyists 2013, and then the Augustists 2013 vacationists are comming soon, so he'll miss again his so called ramp in mid-2013. Oh he just missed the quarter. Insiders are using their brokers to unload worhtless SQNS unto unsuspecting retailer future bagholders. jmo

      Gigastone Selects Altair’s Verizon-Certified Chipset to Power the SmartBox® Wireless Portable Multimedia Router- Jan 09,2013
      “The use of Altair’s Verizon-Certified chipset shortened our development time and will shorten the deployment time of our SmartBox®, saving us both significant effort and money,” said Michael Wang, CEO of Gigastone. ”The Verizon-certified product is the first in a line of products which we plan to introduce based on the Altair chipset. The maturity and multi-band TD/FDD-LTE capabilities of the Altair chipset will enable us to introduce devices into virtually any market globally.”
      “We are very excited to have been selected by Gigastone to power one of the LTE industry’s most innovative products to date,” said Eran Eshed, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing at Altair. “We look forward to working closely with Gigastone to quickly get this product into the hands of consumers and to continue serving as a strategic partner as they introduce new technology and devices to the market.”

      and another

      and another
      Altair Semiconductor Powers Yota Devices’ New Generation of LTE USB Dongles- Jan 07,2013

      and another
      Highly-Integrated MIPS-Based(TM) SoC From Ingenic Sets New Performance Point for Power-Efficient and Affordable Devices Jan 04,2013

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      • Hey do what you want but SQNS has china mobile in their pocket and that is a fact. Lets see what happens when they ship even 2-3 million units to china mobile alone this year. Too many people are so focused on the US market its not even funny. Good god I could care less if SQNS has any major traction in the US market. They are in the two largest mobile markets in the world right now with China and India. Lets see here India has almost 900 million mobile subscribers and china mobile alone has over 700 million. O and yes we did just land Verizon in the US along with the contract we landed with clear wire last year. As far as unloading worthless shares trying doing a little DD. Most big pockets sold out a LONG!!! time ago when their wimax business fell off. There are not that many big pockets with shares to sell at this point. Now if their LTE business start to take off the big money will be back in a flash. Wall street has and will always look for companies that are showing growth. When their LTE business start to take off they will be back and in a hurry. Then lets look at the CMF the last few weeks. Its been through the roof. If you know ANYTHING about charts the CMF is showing money is coming into the stock and not out of the stock right now. The MFI has also been up. The on balance volume has also been up pretty damn nice. But yea your right its been nothing but selling. Give me a break!!!!

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      • Altair has about a 4 month lead on Sequans in terms of Verizon certification. This is what the 2H of 2013 should look like for SQNS

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