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  • x2073 x2073 Apr 2, 2014 5:05 PM Flag

    I remember

    This house in Crete. The most delicious green grapes right at the entrance. Sweet.

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    • How lovely. May I introduce myself? My name is Maria and our gifted and insightful friend, Krim (aka "Red Tsar") recommended that I come over and observe your sage way of approaching investing, as he has applied it to his personal life. If you don't mind, I have been reading your commentary and picking up your contrarian and common sense, intuitive approach and it makes a lot of sense to me.

      I am a retired secondary English teacher of 32 years, and most of my monies are in conservative accounts with my financial advisor, and I have left some on the side as my "mad money," to play the market. Late last summer after I sold my VVTV holding into a rally at the high of the day, just luck, not skill, with research I stumbled upon the Greek banks and took the plunge. I am Greek-American and liked the symmetry of investing in the Motherland, but it truly has been a mixed bag. Bought in right before the R/S last summer on NBG, made a tidy profit, then R/S set in, and that money has been a dead man walking ever since. I have clicked off that switch in my brain, and gone on. I, too, was invested in ALBKY, and Krim and I decided to sell into a rally, although a bit prematurely, but safely, for a 16% profit. I then took those profits plus the original capital and invested in EGFEY, along with Krim and another Board friend, Brenda. As we all experience, as soon as we entered, we were entertained with a reversal of the stock, but have been buoyed by the entrance of Prem Watsa and Wilbur Ross who are, as you know, turnaround experts. We have been hanging in there, and ever so slowly this thing is crawling back. I also just found out about being able to trade within a ROTH-IRA, so I'm setting up an account to do a bit more trading---this time waiting for ALBKY to dip this summer and pick it up on the low. If all this executes, I will be long and holding, in three Greek banks. If I may ask, what do you think of the above scenarios, merit or no?? Many thanks, X2073.

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