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  • iitriumvirate iitriumvirate May 11, 2011 6:09 PM Flag

    Why Wind Turbines?

    With coal, nat gas, nuclear power significantly less expensive, why would we use expensive wind turbines for electricity generation?

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    • PS, I forgot about the natural gas option. It is fantastic and we do use it and will continue to do so. However like Mr. Pickens has stated, you can convert cars and trucks to nat. gas. That would take a large amount away from the utilities so they will need other options. Big rig diesels are already starting to convert to Nat. Gas. Clean energy INC. Is building the refueling stations. Heck, you can get a Nat. gas compressor for your home to fuel up your car. It's the future coming soon.

    • Coal is cheap but I can assure you, you don't want to live down the street from a power plant that is burning it. Nucs, well you see what just happened in Japan. They sound good for long term energy but even if they don't melt down because of some accident, where to stash the old fuel rods? They have a half life of radiation of about 1000 years or so? Not to mention they are very, very, very expensive to build. In comes wind power. Yes there are problems with it but if one breaks a blade or has a problem with the gear box NO ONE DIES. Not to mention for all those that think the wind is not dependable, you've never been to the panhandle of texas/oklahoma. Man it blows alllllll the time. Of course solar is good too but primarily in 7 or 8 south west states where the sun shines all the time. There are other options in the near future but wind and solar are viable now.

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      • Nonsense. I'll take nukes anyday. Japan was hit with a 9.0 eartquake, then a 40 foot Tsunami. The 40 year reactor held up well c onsidering. You are full of shyte

      • Viable, yes, but they are not supported. Obama has been a weak environmental and energy policy leader. We all thought the renewable industries would have at least the same support as oil and gas after Obama was elected...yet he has done nothing to support renewables. He wasted his time putting in a ridiculous health care policy that will never work, when energy (ie: energy security) should have been priority #1.

        We need a new president before wind and solar have a chance of getting the same subsidy money as oil and gas. I say we make the change in 2012.

    • I could remember when there were only a few families with TV, and people said, well maybe someday everyone will have one. I woke up from a coma 43 years later and guess what?? Nobody has a TV,but everyone has a freakin' home theater!!! Well WTF do ya know, anything is possible, HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! ZOOOOOOOOOOOOMM!!Wind is becoming cheaper and cheaper, and paired with natgas during off-wind hours, now that's the cheapest, cleanest energy you can generate.Hope I remain conscious long enough to be witness to that move.

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