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  • hemmerrob hemmerrob May 9, 2012 1:23 PM Flag

    BWEN going NOWHERE! FAST!!!

    The quarterly report is another one in the long list of reports equalling BWEN will go nowhere. The Beatles song "Nowhere Man" applies. TOWERS WERE WORTHLESS!!! Read the report! BUY all you want for a viable company 5 years out. It is going to tread water for a long time. Did it bottom during the last 10 months? Don't know. Technically it has a good chart right now. Fundamentally it is located in an important niche for the country. But until sales increase substantially, it is going nowhere for a long, long time. I think there is a bottom next year in the low $0.20's ($1.50ish per share post reverse split of 7:1). How strong are your hands?????

    BWEN keelhauled "ITSELF" last August when it made an abrupt share offering at 40 cents a share to raise some cash quickly. That sale stole about 1/3 of the asset value from those holding ownership in the company at the time. I thought then that destructive action put a lid on value to not exceed $1 share price tops for a long time. It will take at least 2 years to overcome that careless event in deluding share holders so severely. There are probably going to be more dilutions in the intermediate future. So prepare for a nothing stock price after more delusions. Delusions for the "Deluded". Remember, never invested because you hope. It won't work. Beyond 5 years BWEN looks great. Until then,

    Keep the Prozac coming!

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