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  • blowhard41 blowhard41 Mar 1, 2013 11:03 PM Flag

    Please go to $5

    So I can short this POS. Does anyone on this board have a clue in reading financial information. This company has 3% margin. That is pathetic. They have never turned a profit. They have to report their results in non GAAP EBITDA. They have never had positive cashflows from operating activities. Please morons buy so drive to $5, then I can short and laugh all the way to the bank

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    • Hey smart guy, you getting ready to short this now?

    • If it is such a POS, why do you need $5?

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      • You cannot short a stock if the pps is under 5.00. I considered shorting this stock if it ever crossed 5.00 as took a pretty good beating going long this in 2009. Problem is the fundamentals have changed. The buisiness model, if not deviated from near-term, wil continue to show improvement. Short players at around 5.00 could get fried bigtime if Bwen sells some dead wood assets, buckles down and manages to get through the next 3 qtrs. 2014 profit on horizon.

      • Look, Blowhard like all of us are here to make money. Whether you do it by trading long, day trading, shorting or options, it's in a quest to make some money. That's what a market is all about. If you only trade stocks that you are emotionally attached to, then you aren't here to make money. I have stocks that I am heavy in and am holding long but I still day trade it and short it when I think I can make a profit. That is what stock trading is. We each have our own reasons and methods for investing here, critisizing Blowhard for his choises is nieve. (pardon my spelling, I'm typing one handed...I mashed my other this morning!)

      • This blowhard character has been here for awhile. He had his fun shorting BWEN during the downturn. I dare him to short it now. Double dare. In fact please do short it haha. Funny how people who short a stock and profit can do it again even though everything about the company has completely changed. It's all positives now...the negatives were so yesterday. BWEN is gonna grow for the next several years.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You are living in the past. BWEN is going to $10 easy this year. As you know, the financials are getting better and better each quarter, as you have read them, and the industry no longer has competition...

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