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  • semperfinance semperfinance Jun 29, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

    78 Mil Shares. No Revenue. unknown number of Emloyees. Slick Advertising Campaign.

    Nevada Incorporation (minimual disclosure, minimal transparency), multiple "PIPE" deals since going public (short opportunity for saavy players) , the Founder and Leading Stockholder, Rick Walchuk (assessed ownership of 30 Million Shares) was freatured on a website called Pumps and Dumps in 2011 for another of his Nevada Incorporations symbol NECA. Yesterdays volume was ZERO. Current PPS for NECA is .0059 or roughly 6/10ths of a penny per share after the bubble popped at .07 cents per share, a roughly 90% drop. Who knows, this guy could be the next Bill Gates but I doubt it. More likely he's the current PT Barnum ("there's a sucker born every minute") and his shareholders will be lucky if he's not the next Reverend Jim Jones ( please don't drink that koolaid !! )
    I wont indulge upon you with any advice on what to do regarding your investments, Im just sharing what I've found in a few minutes GOOGLE search and invite you to do the same with me. If you're going to tell me about Graphine, please save your breath; I checked the USPTO website and found no references to American Graphite Technologies owning ANY patents what so ever. Although the company reports that they've entered into agreements (to spend money) with other firms engaged in the production of Graphene, in order to run "tests", to date, I've found that AGIN produces nothing what so ever. I invite Rick Walchuk to this message board to declare my findings are in error. 6 months ago AGIN as trading at 1.20. Currently it's at around .50c. It could go as high as .75c before the next round of dumping IMO. But even then, that was based upon the SEC disclosed PIPE agreement with CTI, a firm with whom AGIN has a partnership to develop Graphene "Bucky Paper"... or is it to develop a market for developing shareholders by which they can profit thru the selling of shares in a "story", based upon a promising new technology? You decide. . .

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