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  • homebrew01 homebrew01 Sep 1, 2013 8:55 AM Flag


    Yhe AGIN website has links to various articles. The first one is a Seeking Alpha article in which is says AGIN gets 5 stars on the Bull S*** scale !!! So I guess the company is honest !

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    • Please explain for us why you, a non shareholder in AGIN, has taken it on himself to bash the company's stock so relentlessly? Is someone paying you? Are you short? Holding put options? Just trying to get a cheaper buy-in for yourself, or your employer? Or maybe just a troll with OCD... or just plain malice?

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      • Most of my posts have been in response to you. And who do you refer to in "explain to us" ?? You are the only one defending the company .... without any facts I might add. Sounds like you are a shill, being so defensive.

        I have posted a few times on various penny stock message boards in an attemp to alert people to scams so that they don't lose their money. Most people eventually realize how these things work, and if they are lucky they get out before losing everything they invested. Others drink the Kool-Aid until they can't see straight. Not much more to say on the subject, but if you have any links or information about actual progress that the company is making, I'm sure everyone would like to know.

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