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  • samjennings007 samjennings007 Nov 27, 2013 7:34 PM Flag

    Longs: Action Required

    This is one of those rare times that investors can take a direct role in the fate of their company. It would appear one of Homebrew's seemingly spurious statements has born true. AGT's CEO is being sued by the SEC for actions he took as the CEO of a completely separate company, Viosolar, back in 2008. If I understand their legalese, the SEC attorneys are seeking to bar him from filling the role of director or officer of exchange-traded companies. If he were not currently the CEO of an exchange-traded company, this might seem non-impactual, but that isn't the case. Rick Walchuk plays a vital role to the success of AGT, and it is therefore important that we keep him as CEO. I have called the SEC office in Philadelphia to express my hope that they can forgo seeking this penalty. If you are holding shares of AGT, I urge you to do the same thing. Please make sure to emphasize the fact that it would cause more harm than good to remove him from this role, and stress the fact that it is possible to have a probationary period to ensure he is making a good faith honest effort to fill his legal role as CEO of AGT, according to their satisfaction. I can't stress this enough: your voiced opinion really can make a difference. The regional SEC's contact info is at the bottom of this message.

    Thanks, Everyone,
    and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
    Sam Jennings

    Here is the contact info:
    SEC Philadelphia Regional Office
    215 597 3100
    with regard to case number
    2:13-cv-05680, defendant Rick Walchuk

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