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  • long4ever00 long4ever00 Jan 29, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    Whoever is shorting FRAN relentlessly despite all the good news, and

    upgrades, must be really determined. I just wonder how long it will take before major buyers step in to offset the nagative volume.

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    • Well, the shorts have conviction. The analysts are evaluating the financials and forward looking projections..along with industry trends. They all are consistent on the positive ratings and fundamentals. The issue with the stock price is that the shorts are determined and focused. The blocks are large and targeted at times when the stock orders are low in numbers. In effect, this large block buy, lowers the price and sometimes dramatically. There is a buy bounce right after, but sheer volume of shorts was greater than the buys. The dynamics of this will run out. Just the fact that at the current time, there aren't very many available shares to "borrow" as a short sale. So, the timing could be right for the longs and they have a couple of strategies that can work to push the shorts out. The easy one is to buy shares. However, just buying the shares is not enough, as the shorts can than use the brokerage to "borrow" those same shorts you just bought. So if the shorts are convicted, every time you buy a share, they use it to short the stock. It is not a one to one, but you get the point. Now another strategy is to place a sell order with a high limit price. Say you have 20,000 shares, and you put a $50.00 sell order in....technically, the brokerage can not let other short investors sell those shares that have sell orders in on them. Therefore, the brokerage would have to recall the short position to balance out. SO THE SECOND STRATEGY TO PUT IN A LIMIT SELL ORDER AT A HIGH PRICE WILL FORCE THE SHORTS TO COVER......I suggest that you put the sell order in high enough, so if and when the price jumps, you get a nice return on your investment.

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    • Every day, praises and accolades pour in for FRAN, yet the stock remains an easy target for shorts. I wonder why?

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      • praoses from whom? - zacks, motley fool, analysts?? haha.... the same fools were saying that Aaple will see $1000/share soon and now at $450, they are downgrading.. the same fate awaits FRAN. Btw, I went by to check out a Francesca store this past Saturday. There were a total of only 3 customers on a saturday evening.. and 2 of them were just looking at the sale items at the back. The merchandse looked stale. Look at the stock action.. it tells you the whole story... in a bull market this stock can barely move to the upside. Get out of this garbage. You can thank me later.

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