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  • toastn_budda toastn_budda Apr 3, 2004 2:21 PM Flag



    This guy's 3 bricks short of a full load.

    He's a religious fanatic who will fill this board with religious and pro-life propaganda.

    He's a KOOK who goes around hunting down doctors with a high powered rifle and ambushes them, like A COWARD, while they are unsuspectingly having breakfast in their own homes.

    He's the same person who also throws paint on people wearing fur or leather and them runs and hides for fear of reprisal and retribution.

    macktp21 is the personification of the terms religious fanatic and coward.

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    • >>Why do women get abortions when their lives are not threatened by the pregnancy and where there are litterally thousands of couples out there ready to adopt?<<

      Easy. Because they choose not have a child at that time. And at that point in time, the fetus is part of the woman's body; it is HER legal and moral decision whether to turn the fetus into a baby or not.

      Not yours - so stay out of it.


    • You may want to consider where you think the NAS is headed in your hold or sell calculations. ONXX appears to move in tandem (with a multiplier) with the NAS most days.

      If the news at ASCO is that the melanoma phase 2 looks good, ONXX will rise on the news.

    • Dear Sylvester,

      Well, if I indeed "make out like a bandit," I will be more than happy to send you some Bollinger...on the other hand, if "I lose like a mule" you can keep the Miller High Lifes since I never have developed a taste for beer! A half gallon of Tropicana OJ would be nice, though! (I can hear some on this board gasping for breath at this point!)

      Seriously, I am emboldened in holding on not only by the way the stock has been "behaving," and knowing that I have already made out like a bandit with the profits I locked in, but also because I have benefited a great deal, truth be told, as a result of the MTSL recommendations -- and the McCamants still see the target for ONXX as being in the 50's. They are not always right (I am damned glad that I held onto my IMCL shares when they bailed out, e.g.) but more often than not, they seem to give sound advice.


    • My story is very similar to Trup's. I sold enough shares at around $25 to triple my money and am holding onto the rest in the hopes I will be able to afford vintage champaign. If BAY43-9006 does hit it big, I will be buying Dom Perignon not Bollinger. Unfortunately for you STC, it won't last long enough for me to send you some. However, I will let you know whether I enjoyed the Dom.

    • Trup
      Throughout its history ONXX always has been a sell on the news company. Good luck...we are now in the AACR --ASCO gap period which has often been a good time for an ONXX run-up in the past.

      My gut says that you'll end up making out like a bandit on this one. If so, you can send a bottle of Bollinger to me at.........

      However, if you end up losing like a mule, then I will send you a couple of Miller High Lifes (The Champagne of Beers!) to drown your sorrows!

      Caveat Miller

    • My 2 cents for what it's worth...It was Bernard Baruch, the legendary financier of the mid-20th century, I believe, who, when asked about how he accumulated so much wealth responded "by typically selling stocks too early!" Interesting comment.

      As for myself, I got in at $5, sold half in the $22-24 range keeping in mind Baruch's statement and never guessing that not too many weeks later ONXX would hit $44. On the one hand, prudence might dictate selling the rest now, but I figure here's one of those rare chances to make not only a 10-bagger but potentially twice that and I am playing with the "house's money" at this point, so I'm holding on at least into the run-up to ASCO. My gut tells me that there could be a sell-off at or just after ASCO irrespective whether they announce good or disappointing findings at that time (if the former, then potentially we see "sell on the news," -- if the latter, then watch out below!).


    • Ginger
      I am NOT making any recommendation to anyone regarding their ONXX stock. Y'all must do what you think is right on this one.

      Let me say however that I held ONXX a long time and sold in the mid-20s and now own none. I made a bunch of money but clearly I could have stayed in longer and made much more money. OK so that doesn't make me an investment genius, but hell, I figure it is never wrong to take a ~500% profit.

      However, it is important to keep in mind that ONXX is a one drug company. The virus stuff looks dead in the water and the cell cycle inhibitor that is being co-developed with Pfizer is at too early a stage to be a viable fall back if BAY43 fails. Hence, if BAY43 fails in P3 then ONXX will be gone. Having said that, so far all of the P1/P2 indications suggest that BAY43 is doing quite well in some clinical indications and so FDA approval for RCC is a very reasonable possibility. BUT all of positive looking P1/P2 trials are no substitute for meeting defined endpoints in a Phase 3 clinical trial. So, in my opinion, ONXX is still a high risk/high reward kind of a stock. If I still held ONXX from my original buy-in @ $4, I might be tempted to take a little profit and gamble with the rest. But, in my humble estimation, I doubt if I would be buying a lot of ONXX at $44/share right now. But .... that is just my opinion and there are others on this board who remain very bullish about ONXX even at the current prices. Regardless, it remains your decision Ginger.

      Caveat Emptor.

    • STC-
      What's your opinion? Should the longs put in a stop or just get out? I just read your post, please explain.

    • Cardio
      Younailed it!!
      BAY43 fails and ONXX is history.
      As is your ONXX stock holding.

      It's all down to the P3 that is ongoing now

      Caveat Emptor

    • >>You compared the use of fetal tissue to the nazis experimenting on prisoners<<

      This statement I have to continue to agree with.

      >>oppose all such labs and demand that they never be funded by the U.S. government.<<

      Your words and opinion...not mine. But it shows you have a conscience though which God gave you but one that you choose to ignore by through inaction.

      >>Why do you immediately ascribe sinister motives to the researcher? <<

      My explaination was duely explained. Again, you continue to create straw men to blow down by pretending not to understand the answer and by simply repeating the question.

      Pretended ignorance an ignoring your conscience is no excuse for immoral behavior.

      Stop pretending and ignoring your own soul. Now THAT's hypocricy

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