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  • odietex odietex Feb 27, 2008 4:09 PM Flag

    The New one Trick Pony Jockey

    Dr N. Anthony Coles, is getting a "sweet heart", loaded welcome wagon, while share holders (Bag holders)are sinking in this "Titanic"
    I guess it helps if your first initial is N, for Nexavar. He also doesn't mind hobbling to the bank on this broken legged one trick pony.

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    • Hope your life doesn't depend on those supporters, they make losses happen too.

      By supporters, do you mean bag holders?.

    • odietex, looks like you were wrong today, and most likely will be wrong again, when longs in ONXX continue the move back up to regain lost ground. There are many supporters of this stock, that will make it happen! IMHO.

    • I am on the other hand, offering you the benefit of the doubt before the opening bell. Take your profits at the opening bell from DUMB money bag holders, just before smart money start bailing out again.

      You can thank me later. Here is a hint, who wants to buy ONXX @ $27+, when patience and time will serve up ONXX in the $teens. Bayer can buy this pony for a song, (The cheaper, the merrier) as soon as bag holders start singing. Any time now.

    • Odie- For so long I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, but thanks for making it clear to the group that you are just an uninformed, random gambler. Beyond shouting "sell sell sell" you have nothing useful or credible to say. Thanks to people like you, I have been able to take a lot of money. But for your sake, I hope you dont have too much money in the slot machine.

    • odietex,

      Thanks again for the very revealing response, or rather, non-resposnse to my questions.

      <<Good enough, let time address vinmantoo's gibberish along with his questions. Denial is a very useful tool for bag holders. >>

      Your answer is the definition of gibberish, although it may not even achieve the level of gibberish. You completely avoided addressing a single question or issue. I provided a rationale for why I think ONXX is greatly oversold. From your previous imbecilic comments, it was clear you don't have even the remotest background in science or oncology. Even without that background or training you could have countered my comments with your own sales projections, as it was one of my questions to you. Instead we got some more gibberish.

      <<Sell while you are still enjoying $27+. Maybe $25 or below is more palatable. If that's the case, how about selling in the teens.>>

      Right, ONXX went down on some news unrelated to its sales projections for then next year, and unrelated to the vast number of other clincial trials in progress but you say still sell now and cliam it will drop into the teens, based on zero supporting rationale. I see, once a stock has gone down, it will keep going down no matter how much its sales continue to accelerate. What a freaking moron! Still, keep posting here as we can all use the laughs. You have provided me with all the responses I need. If I feel the need to rebut your posts in the future, I will simply repost my questions and comments to you, then follow with the gibberish non-answers you gave. Thanks for making it so easy.

    • Good enough, let time address vinmantoo's gibberish along with his questions. Denial is a very useful tool for bag holders. Sell while you are still enjoying $27+. Maybe $25 or below is more palatable. If that's the case, how about selling in the teens.

      Here is the top of my voice...TIMBERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
      I Hope I am loud and clear.

    • odietex,

      I am quite calm and reasoned in my explanations of why the sell off in ONXX is wildly over done. I am also quite confident that ONXX will rebound, sooner rather than later. This confidence is based on simple logic and analysis of the nexavar sales numbers and growth rates, but it doesn't hurt that I am a research scientist working on chromosome structure and segregation and how mutations which alter these processes contribute to cancer. In contrast, you are an ignorant basher who makes wild and false claims that Nexavar is so toxic that its usage will be limited. I asked you about Avastin because it is also toxic and has some similarities to Nexavar, yet its sales keep rising and its indications keep growing. Reading what an ignorant basher like you writes makes me laugh but doesn't make me angry.

      <<Mr vinmantoo are you so severely intertwined with your emotions that fail to see the writing on the wall. Bag holders like you will find every reason, bogus or contrived to justify holding the bag and allowing themselves to be SCREWED.

      Why are your seven points not preventing ONXX's pps avalanche. You are in denial, man. SELL now and save yourself the nerve-wracking tedium of waiting for glimmers of hope or some manufactured news. Just look at the elevator sign.....GOING DOWN.>>

      The only emotion I feel is disgust when an ignorant moron like you hurls lies about Nexavar. Even an idiot like you knows that ONXX went down because the combination chemo lung trial failed. The reality is that Nexavar sales will continue to accelerate in liver cancer, which is completely unaffected by the lung cancer trial failure. This is why in my view that ONXX is now in a major over sold state. I stated here several times when I bought back into ONXX last year, and it was at $26 and $33. I am planning on buying more ONXX in the next month or so. I am delaying until we get a bit closer to then next earnings report, and depending on some of unrelated issues, which may enable me to buy more ONXX sooner. Plus, I would like to see what the first, presumed cost cutting steps are made by Coles.

      To counter your lies about Nexavar and its future usage, I asked 7 questions, some simply and some require a bit of knowledge. Your answers will enable anyone to see if you have even a remote clue about oncology in general or ONXX specifically. Your conitinued silence will be just as revealing about you and just as damning. Here are those questions again. Try and answer at least a few of them.

      1) Do you think Nexavar sales will fall by the next earnings report?

      2) What do you predict that Nexavar sales will be in the next quarter and for the full year of 2008?

      3) Do you think Nexavar will be withdrawn from the market?

      4) Nexavar is the only chemotherapy shown to prolong the lives of liver cancer patients. Do you think it will be withrdaw because blood pressure may rise 15% or so in some patients? If it is withdrawn, which of the previous used but ineffective treatments will suich patients be given?

      5) Do you think that most or all of the 200 clinical trials involving Nexavar will now be stopped becuase of the minor problems you are so worried about or because of the lung cancer trial failure?

      6) Please explain why different cancers often respond to different chemotherapies? What possibile differnces are their between cancer types to explain these differences. In essence, why are different cancers behaving differently and how would you explain why Nexavar could be so successful in liver cancer gut fail in lung cancer?

      7) Describe the mechanism of Avastin action and why some of its side effects are similar to Nexavar.

    • We can call each other names, but time will tell who his right.
      Vinmantoo is just asking you some simple, valid questions, why dont you answer him? Or can we assume that you are a clueless basher and all you can do is yell gibberish at the top of your voice?

    • well said, these dummys just resent that they were not smart enough to buy at $10 when the same thing happened last year with neg melanoma trial. revenues will increase steadily over next few years with usage in liver/ RCC.

    • Micro is not having fun afterall. I would be mad as hell if I were ignored as a share(bag)holder, and taken to the clearners in a cardboard box like you suggested.

      Excercise your anger, like Laura B. exercised her options, but in your case Bail out. You can't screw them, THEY SCREWED YOU. I will wear a cardboard box over my head while I screw you and the other bag holders. I don't like my roll as the screwer, any more than you like yours, the screwee. But someone has to get screwed...YOU.

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