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  • biopilgrim57 biopilgrim57 Jul 20, 2012 2:29 PM Flag

    Hello shorts!

    Has to be said that watching the shorts posts is a hoot. "Sell now!", "look at VVUS", "ONXX will be stuck at 70", "How could the FDA approve?"..... is almost as much fun as watching the gain in PPS. Even MDHOANG is back (minus credibility). And we have a new shameless short lemming in gofckyerself. Nasty Yahoo! ID meets inevitable nasty loss. Couldn't have happened to nicer guy. And pretending you have money left to buy PUTS (hand over fist no less) after your bath? Pure comic genius! Reflex shorting biotechs might be a winning bet alot of the time but ONXX was always going to burn short fingers. Time to rebuild your stakes and move on.