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  • ahhaha2 ahhaha2 Nov 2, 2012 3:52 PM Flag

    The CC

    It was very good. The company did a good job of responsibly answering the surprisingly technical questions asked by analysts. I was a little bummed by WS's price action game, but management reversed that negative feeling.

    Concerning off label sales of Kyprolis, company can't and won't say a thing. To do so would be irresponsible. This is a far cry from CC's of the late '90s.

    Good color on forward developments, like FOCUS.

    Didn't make a big deal about sales of Kyprolis but indicated they've only penetrated something less than 5% of opportunities in myeloma indication alone with opening potential in various other cancers. Then there are their other INDs.

    They have a crack Scottish spokesperson who knows the biz and who gave sharp, clear answers to analyst's technical questions. Coles approves of her transparency. Everyone on staff participated and showed they weren't clunks. Each had a special corporate function and reveled in exhibiting their ability in their presentation. How refreshing.

    Coles stated, "it is our intention to build Onyx into a MAJOR pharmaceutical company". I liked his determination. He's a real driver of those under him, more intense than, say, Steve Jobs.

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