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  • ahhaha2 ahhaha2 Nov 3, 2012 12:08 AM Flag

    The CC, Q&A, BAC

    Rachel L. McMinn - BofA Merrill Lynch, Research Division

    Wanted to see -- 2 questions. If you could comment at all about how to think

    about this bolus. You talked a lot about a lot of early ordering in which you would expect given all the unmet need out there. So when we think about oncology launches we tend to see early boluses. Is that going to continue into October? I mean, it looks like on the math here that there's over 1,000 patients that started in September. And then just separately, I was hoping you can maybe narrow down the front line head-to-head study for VELCADE that you mentioned? Is this going -- are you going to be waiting for 020 data from Celgene to come out, or are you going to just forge ahead with an MP-base study design?

    Helen I. Torley - August, we certainly did see a bolus of patients. In September, however, we -- as we had representatives begin to call on our broader set of clinics and hospitals, we saw a new adopters come on board every week.


    I think it's especially noteworthy that, as Helen said, we have new adopters coming on board. And we've only reached about 10% of the target population through September. So we do expect continued steady adoption both by practices, as well as in terms of the penetration in this total patient population. So I think good things ahead. In terms of the front-line study, we have not talked about the design just yet. But as we had -- have done with other trials, notably the ENDEAVOR study, we did want some certain set of key milestones to pass, so we really understand how to design these studies. And so the 020 data will be important as we think about the best design for the trial, and we'll keep you very close to what the design is for that front-line study. But we're very excited about getting this underway. There are very encouraging Phase II data to support this, and stay tuned for more details.