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    The CC, Q&A, Brean Murray

    Gene Mack - Brean Murray, Carret & Co., LLC, Research Division

    ...frontline head-to-head trial that you're planning. Can you talk about what dose you might be considering for Kyprolis in that study?

    How are you planning to dose patients with Kyprolis in that setting?

    Since we've heard that there is use already of Kyprolis in combination with Revlimid, how are you having to help clinicians with that in terms of payers?


    On the design for the first-line study, I know there's a lot of interest in that, and we do hope to bring you details very shortly, both once protocol is finalized and we have first patient in. What I can tell you is that the dose is likely to be somewhere between the 20, 27 dose that we're using today as per the label and the 56 milligrams per meter square, which is the dosing that we're using in ENDEAVOR. Through the dose response studies we've conducted, we find this to be the most effective range. And we'll be finalizing the details around a specific dose for the frontline study, but it will clearly be within the parameters of either 20, 27 or 20, 56 which is the dosing schedule for ENDEAVOR. Helen, in terms of Kyprolis and Revlimid?

    Helen I. Torley

    Yes. As I mentioned, our information is that Kyprolis is predominantly being used in the indicated population as a single agent. Certainly, we're aware of anecdotes where physicians are not using according to the label. Our team are solely focused in promoting the product according to the label and the label indication. So we're not involved with physicians who are electing to use the product that's not according to our label.