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  • ahhaha2 ahhaha2 Nov 3, 2012 12:18 AM Flag

    The CC, Q&A, Leerink Swann

    Rene Shen Leerink Swann.

    This is Rene Shen for Howard Liang. Can you talk about the oprozomib data that we'll see at ASH? Are we going to see the tablet form of that data? And when will we -- if not, when will see that data?

    Barbara Klencke

    That's right. The tablet will just be introduced into the clinic this month. So no, the ASH data will be powder and capsule. But we'll have both safety, as well as efficacy data, from the initial dose escalation cohorts from the prior formulation.


    And I will just underscore that I think that everyone knows that this is a study in hematologic malignancy patients, but there's a pretty healthy sampling of myeloma patients as well. So we'll be able to breakout some of the incident of myeloma patients by safety and efficacy, as well as overall. So stay tuned for that.