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  • ahhaha2 ahhaha2 Nov 3, 2012 12:40 AM Flag

    The CC, Q&A, Summer Street

    Ling Wang - Summer Street Research Partners

    With regard to the anecdotal Kyprolis combination yields. I was sort of wondering whether you can comment on whether the peers can monitor whether the drug is used as a single agent or in combination setting once they provide the preauthorization?

    You mentioned there are 7 oral presentations at ASH this year. Can you provide some color on that?

    What is the current projections on when Kyprolis will get the product-specific reimbursement code?


    Okay. In terms of Kyprolis, it's actually quite difficult for our payers or for the company, for that matter, to track whether they use as single-therapy use or in combination. So we don't really have any perspective on that one. And then I think, Barb, if you could talk a little bit about ASH.

    Barbara Klencke

    It's only a few days that ASH will, on their website, present the information. So I don't want to get ahead of the ASH announcement. Seven oral, so one is the company-sponsored oprozomib study, the Phase I efficacy, safety data, the Kyprolis, 6 oral, both a mix of investigator-sponsored data, as well as some of our own Phase II Kyprolis information.


    The permanent J Code should be available in January of 2014. These operate on a cycle prescribed by the federal government, and we expect J Code in that timing.