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    The CC, Q&A, Morgan Stanley

    Marshall Urist - Morgan Stanley, Research Division

    So just a few questions for me. Number one, maybe just a follow-up on the last question about the 2,000 accounts. Helen, first of all, what are you seeing in terms of a sort of prevalence pool? I know you alluded to this in the prepared remarks of patients who are awaiting another option in terms of per accounts or anything like that in terms of what you're seeing in terms of that group of patients. And then second, what's the plan for the sales force in getting out to the other 50% of accounts and actually seeing them, and how are you guys are thinking about how that will develop over the next few months? And then if you could tell us what China and Nexavar revenue was in the quarter, that would be helpful. And then lastly, just on ASPIRE. I was just curious, I know you're going to talk about the baseline characteristics in detail. But as you think about the pace of events, I'm just curious, is the mix of patients in terms of treatment history, either the Revlimid treatment history or VELCADE treatment history, did the final mix of patients kind of -- was that in line with your expectations when you designed this study?
    N. Anthony Coles - Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

    Okay. Let me just handle the China-Nexavar question really quickly. For the third quarter, sales in China were $27 million, and that compares favorably to the second quarter of this year where sales were $24.5 million and to the third quarter of last year where they were $21.4 million. So a very nice run rate there for China. And then if you can, Helen, take the target account question, and then, Barb, I'll ask you to comment on ASPIRE.
    Helen I. Torley - Chief Commercial officer and Executive Vice President

    Let me start. We have 100 field personnel that we talked about at the time of approval, and I can actually say that they have reached virtually all of the accounts now, about 1,000 had ordered by the end of the third quarter, which is what we are reporting. As you can imagine, we do see a range of the numbers of eligible patients from the top-tier accounts to some of the smaller community accounts, but we haven't given those specifics. But clearly, that's why at the initial launch, we focused on those accounts where we knew they have the majority of Kyprolis-indicated patients, and that's where we are continuing to spend the majority of our time. However, we want to make sure every physician who has got patients who may be eligible for Kyprolis is educated and aware about the appropriate use of Kyprolis.
    N. Anthony Coles - Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

    Okay, terrific. And, Barb?
    Barbara Klencke

    So you're certainly absolutely right that the baseline characteristics of a trial can influence outcome. We believe, though, that the enrollment criteria were written in such a way that it's very similar to the published literature on Revlimid/dexamethasone, that is we're enrolling patients with a relapse -- in the relapsed setting with 1 to 3 prior therapies. We have not -- we're not going to speak at all to any baseline characteristics of what we are seeing in the clinical trials. We're not doing those analysis. We're really focused on maintaining the integrity of an ongoing Phase III trial at this point in time and just looking purely at event rates at this point.