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  • dr.vinmantoo dr.vinmantoo Nov 5, 2012 12:14 PM Flag

    Dr Vin ?

    Ooops, there was a typo. It should have read " I don't like the drop in ONXX but I am NOT bothered by it."

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    • Some fund must be unloading their shares. There is no other logical explanation--is there?

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      • You never know, but the every trade data shows the institutions sold on the way up to the recent top, and have bought strongly on the way down based on the block ( =10k shares) activity. This is common. The downside is almost always caused by market order short sales entered by the trading public. Institutions will book underneath, give open ended accumulation buy orders to their traders, and buy blocks on weakness caused by public market order short selling. Of course there is the noise of general buying and selling, but almost always it's net neutral in effect.

        For those of you who see this as some sort of manipulation, don't kid yourself. It isn't possible to manipulate ANY listed stock. The market is too vast, too deep, and execution is implemented at the machine level, for any entity or collection of entities to do that in any individual stock. On the other hand a few round lots entered by the naive trading public can send price a long way. Depends on the state of elasticity of marginal demand and marginal supply when the order hits. This kind of effect doesn't last though.

        If you don't like the fact that Lil Guy trading public can cause such volatility, then you had better form a crusade to return to an uptick rule. The traders claim doing so causes an asymmetric market. Their arguments only fool the exbirds, for, fear and greed are inherently asymmetric, and I can make this argument formal. I can show that there's no value to anyone by allowing market order short sales, but there is damage to Lil Guy buy and hold types in the swings, the type that all others need for a market to be stable.. However, when you have thousands of traders who have themselves fooled into believing they can win on balance trading, it's a difficult row to hoe to overcome their prejudice, where the prejudice is inadvertently supported by the duped powers at SEC and CFTC.

      • 5 days ago Bayer bought SHF, so it seems for now they're not going pursue buyout of ONXX. So, whoever hold stock believing quick money could be made were disappointed and left...I've no doubts we'll get to $105-$110 area in the next 6-8 months, but, unfortunately, not in 6-8 days...

        Sentiment: Strong Buy