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  • [Wow, not only are you an angry guy, you are unoriginal too.]

    Shouldn't you be accusing me of being short?

    [I write ... limited skills.]

    All innuendo and useless blab.

    [You haven't been here very long]

    Longer than you. You haven't done your homework. That seems to be a continuing failure of yours.

    [and you apparently are in a panic and are angry at the drop from $90 to now,]

    Speak for yourself.

    [call for any discussion of science]

    That's just it. The science of ONXX isn't very deep. That's how new drugs can go to NDA fast. The powerfully profitable pharmas have had this characteristic.

    Let's agree not to respond to each other.

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    • Why would I accuse of being a short? You just seem to be an overly sensitive fellow looking to attack me over a trivial comment I made about the drop in ONXX stock being unwarranted in my view. All I did initially in response to your attack was to correct your inaccurate comment where you distorted my comment by saying (lying) that I stated ONXX stock was cheap at $80 when I said no such thing. I didn't attack you, but rather I just told you to get your fact straight. This innocuous but accurate comment of mine elicited from you a nasty and small little attack against me, which culminated in your attacking me for my supposed failure to make any contribution based on science. Your most recent response to me is meaningless gibberish, combined with a retreat from your challenge to me about contributions to this board with regard to scientific information. What the hell are you talking about with the "science isn't very deep at ONXX comment"? What an empty and clueless comment!

      If you don't want to get into arguments with people on message boards, then don't pick fight with them about innocuous comments they made in the past, and don't distort what they say to make your trivial little points. You should also apologize to me for choosing to attack me for some reason, and distorting what I said in order to launch said attack. Absent your apology to me, you can be damn sure I won't be responding to you again or reading your comments again as you will be put on ignore.

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      • Dear Dr Vin & ahha,
        I really like both of you posts and in my view you took this matter too far- after all a lot of casual posts do not deserve really serious response and definetly not response gliding over from ONXX to personalities...
        So, please, guys, lets discuss who will buy ONXX now since Bayer is not interested....Much more lovely topic...