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  • dr.vinmantoo dr.vinmantoo Dec 15, 2012 2:49 PM Flag


    John papas,

    I commented on this multiple times over the past week or two. For some reason my posts keep getting deleted was deleted. Maybe it was because I included a link to the pomalidomide trial. Someone on a different board suggested adding a few words at various points throughout my post to make sure the yahoo filters don't think your post is machine generated spam. Well here goes as I will try again. I also deleted the web link.

    Bearofbleecker is on target with his analysis. In the long run pomalidomide shouldn't have an effect on Kyprolis sales for reason Bleecker posted. Pomalidomide is going for MM patients refractory to multiple treatment regimens including Velcade, so there could be some chance of it taking sales from Kyprolis in this population. One thing on the plus side for ONXX is that Kyprolis will have a 6 months or more head start. Patients benefiting from Kyprolis won't switch to Pomalidomide and doctors using Kyprolis will be more likely to use it for their other patients.

    In the long run, Kyprolis will be going after Velcade in front-line patients. Given its superior side-effect profile, I am guessing there could also be significant off-label usage of Kyprolis in this patient population. We will see in the next few quarters how it plays out, but I am not too concerned. If Pomalidomide does get approved, maybe will we see a combo trial with Kyprolis + Pomalidomide at some point in the future.

    I hate these new boards as my post on this topic keeps getting deleted. I am still looking to lighten up on ONXX a it to bank some profits. The big rise in ONXX has made it too high of a percentage of my biotech portfolio for me to feel comfortable so a rebalancing on my part is long past due.


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