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  • johnpapas893 johnpapas893 Jan 4, 2013 10:17 AM Flag


    Onyx Pharma's (ONXX) Kyprolis 'Killin It'

    Street Insider - 7:52 AM ET

    According to a recent survey by analysts at Baird, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is seeing strong initial penetration of multiple myeloma drug Kyprolis in label and off-label use. "Just three months post-launch, Kyprolis has already become the dominant third-line player with 61% of respondents using it in their most preferred regimens," said Raymond. The Baird survey showed half the doctors surveyed

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    • Dr, regarding CLDX:
      First I suggest to read on CLDX MB posts by "Long". No pumping, just scientific analysis. He is highly respected on board. My position: the science behind CLDX drugs is working! They did not have any single unsuccessful trial that showed that drug/s is/are not effective. No single one. So, this allow me to assume that their drugs eventually will be approved.
      Valuation: they have Rindo in p3 (potential market 300M-400M) and CDX-011 starting p3 (potential market 600m-1b). They also have bunch of other candidates but at early stages so I don't count them. Current market value 465M. In my view the approval of both drugs almost certain and will bring valuation of 2B-2.5B, i.e $30-$35 s/p (current price $7.08). It might take couple years to get there.....
      Immediate catalyst:1.they can announce partnership any day
      2. Should announce p3 trial design for CDX-011 (met with FDA recently)
      3 Progress with another candidates.
      So, as long term investment in my view it is "no brainer" I assume the day to day fluctuations will happen and for whatever reason price can retreat to any number, but in long term scenario it is not important. I'm sitting on 80k shares, so my money where my mouth is...But, again, please read posts of "long" (couple weeks ago) and some more recent post regarding catalysts.

    • Kyrpolis was initially approved for patients who had already been treated with Velcade, but given that it is at least as effective as Velcade and, unlike Velcade, does not have peripheral neuropathy among its side effects, it is probably being used earlier in the treatment regime.