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  • andy.g233 andy.g233 Feb 21, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

    Pre-ER positions

    From the posts here, it appears that most “authors” are long ONXX, unhedged and try to convince each other that this is the right thing to do. Also, according to a well established Yahoo board tradition, whoever has a differed opinion is labeled as “shortie” and insulted. This is a very dangerous practice. Is it really so clear that ONXX did the right things lately? How about the result of the latest “offering” and its outcome, still a mystery? Are we going to hear today how successful it was?
    I am long ONXX and, as a hedge, I acquired “iron collars” in which the number of puts bought is larger than the number of covered calls (sold to open).
    Good luck to everyone!

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Not a lot of labels used here lately, thankfully there is little need. I post as a form of therapy when I am #$%$ off or need to outgas frustration with MM. Most of us are passed the hurrah stuff but hey...why not. The recent float worried me. I hate to see these guys save the planet before they make some money. As for S.P., more is better and I am not happy with our current level. by about $20+. Posters here who work some self important agenda tend to get hammered...short attitudes tend to be ignored by most, not to be mistaken for tolerated well. Good luck with that IROn thing.

    • Not sure why you put the word "authors" in quotation marks. Don't you think the people who posted their thoughts wrote them, or is it that you lack basic understand of english? I post what I think, not to try and convince others or myself that my investment to buy or hold ONXX is the right move.

      Hey Andy, kind of hypocritical of you there attacking as you are attacking ONXX longs. You seem to be belittling those of us who choose to buy a stock and wait, in this case ONXX. I see you fancy yourself as a sophisticated investor rather than the "common" buy and hold type. I do understand why someone would buy calls or puts to hedge their bets. I have never mocked or belittled anyone for #$%$ so. However, I would venture it is a losing strategy in the long run as you cost yourself money in the attempt to hedge your bets. I place it as being akin to someone who buys insurance in a casino when they have blackjack thinking it is a wise move because they guarantee themselves a profit. In reality, they cost themselves money as they give way their edge an consequently cost themselves 1/13 of each bet in the long run. Good luck to you.