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  • bearofbleecker bearofbleecker Apr 9, 2013 11:31 AM Flag

    Phase II Kyrpolis trial summarized in Myeloma Beacon

    This is the first brief description of the presentation made at the International Multiple Myeloma Workshop last Saturday. The subjects were high-risk "smoldering myeloma" patients. They were given the Kyrpolis/Revlimid/low-dose dexamethasone combo. All patients responded, with "75% achieving at least a near complete response". There are, as yet, no progression-free survival numbers, which would be needed to demonstrate delayed onset of MM. These results support the argument made by Anderson in the Summary Presentation, arguing for earlier intervention with combination therapies. The implication, as I noted before, is that rather than being the drug of last resort for those refractory to Velcade, Kyrpolis will be moved to the head of the line as maintenance therapy for those who previously would not have been treated at all.

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    • As an addendum: A poster on the MM Beacon forum last Saturday relates that her husband was about to begin treatment for MM in Orlando and, having heard good things about Kyrpolis, wanted to go on the Kyrpolis/Revlimid/dex regimen, but were having trouble finding a doctor who was using it. Then, 2 days before they were to begin treatment, the NCCN guidelines were introduced and their doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville immediately agreed that this was the right treatment. The point being that the NCCN guidelines, which sanction the use of Kyrpolis earlier in the treatment cycle, really will have an effect.