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  • osulinn osulinn May 1, 2013 12:10 PM Flag

    oink, oink,

    pigs get slaughtered.

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    • ""pigs get slaughtered.""

      Wow, you are citing the "wisdom" of the TV shill Jim Cramer. That is pretty funny. That "pigs get slaughtered" comment is the most simplistic, over-used and foolish comment that Cramer likes to spew. It epitomizes the short term trader mentality, and is for losers.

      Fools like you scream and yell that the sky is falling when a trivial drop driven by no news happens after a long data driven rise. There used to be a lot more sheep who would fall for the games being played by Wall Street and by message board shorts like you. Personally, I like it when you see a broad drop in biotech as it means the Wall Street prostitutes are playing games and giving me the opportunity to buy at lower prices. Now, get lost.