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  • soflaturtle soflaturtle Jun 30, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

    A more important question for me is...

    ONXX is a large position for me, and I'm already looking down the road. Assuming a deal gets done (and I know there's still risk in that), I'll want to deploy that money into another biotech, or a couple different biotechs.

    I'm looking for ideas of what others are considering. I already have positions in the large players, PCYC, ISIS, and a couple other smaller players. Do I add to my PCYC? Add more small players? Or what?

    Thots welcome, in case people are also looking down the road...

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    • ATRS going from a licensing pharma to a specialty pharma with their first in-house drug Otrexup, PDUFA date Oct 14th, they make injectors, melding Methotrexate with their injector, slam dunk approval and looking to $7 by year end, profitability by 2h2014. ATOS, Seattle company has test to detect breast cancer way earlier than mammograms with far greater accuracy (mamograms have a 90% false positive). Recent partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientiific. TSRX, PATH, HALO.

    • I have a big position in TSRX pharma.
      Excellent prospects for mrsa cure, and currently slightly undervalued.
      High analyst ratings, with excellent financials.
      Not much downside and perhaps a double within a year or so.

    • GILD has deep pockets and a complementary pipeline.

    • GOVX

      they think they have vaccine for hiv/aids
      in trials also as a therapeutic

      lost 90% of value on a R/S but there s been no bad news on the trial science side

      NIH recently gave additional grant money for them to start working on a sub Sahara Africa version
      78% efficacy on the adjaunted version on simian monkeys ( closest human relatives)

      Merck failed with "humanized mice"

      we completed ph 2a original version on side effects,,, good safety
      ongoing phase 1 safety for adj version / ph 2b scheduled 4 early 2014

      plus ph 1/2 ongoing 4 therapeutic drug replacement
      nih cure trial with oral drugs with adj version

      been shorted a lot lately by H fund that came in w private placement

      but short's finally stopped... 50 cents a share

    • Cytokinetics ( cytk)

      Sentiment: Buy

    • galena, GALE

    • arna

    • Forgot to mention- PATH, I think now is the time to buy!

    • I'd recommend you Acadia Pharma and Celdex Therapeutics.

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      • Tks, I didn't mention it, but I hold a lot of ACAD, since 6. Just sold some of my CLDX, maybe buy some back.

        For companies like this, "a lot" is not like my ONXX holding, bcse it seemed to me that ONXX was such a sure thing. Neither ACAD or CLDX are sure things yet, imo. Fair disclosure, aside from being a good investor, I know squat about the technology these companies employ, or the chances of success. My opinions are just that!

    • Sof, I'm sitting in the same boat (over 20k shares), and while I've a list of candidates, but none of them are trading low enough to warrant investment at this time.(I also think that ISIS & PCYC are too high now).
      I've substantial position in CLDX and while I believe that in 2-3 years the stock will go up to $35-$40, I probably not going to add to it now. The other candidates that all of them trading too high but worth following are: NLNK, IMMU, VSTM, SNTS, EBS, CCXI. The last two the closest to purchase- if they go down 10%-15% I might buy. I've decided against AMGN. But, what I'm considering (at least for now) is TEVA- the price is cheap and volatility is low.
      BTW, the most intriguing stock is CTIX- the science behind p53 is facinating and I believe totally new approach to cancer treatment and I'd gladly consider them, but someone who is extremely knowledgable and get very high respect on MB says that, basically, you can't trust its management team...
      AMRN is another large position of mine...I think the stock can double this year, but for some reason does not get any respect from Wall Street.
      So, basically, if someone recommending something I'd like also to see suggested entry point...