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  • xdows xdows Jul 1, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    Keep this post and review it within a few weeks from today. Regarding my thoughts on SCLN.

    This is huge. I believe that ONXX and others will chasing this little stock soon if they want to get in on the China Market for this...SciClone is entering into an agreement for ProFlow a treatment for Perpheral and Arterial Disease for the China Market. This is huge for the reason that this disease is very common for Asian folks. Salt (high sodium levels) is one of the main causes for Arterial disease and in Asia, Salt is in everything. Even their drinks have large amounts of sodium that would double to quadruple what our high sodium drinks have in them. This market will be huge. If the folks at ONXX were really smart about investing. They would invest in SCLN. However, I believe AMGN and others might beat them to it. Instead, ONXX wants to be bought out. They believe they are worth more than their closing Friday share price from last week. I don't think it is. I believe they have the same mentality as the guy on Craigslist who wants to sell his used car for thousands more than book. Because he owns it, he believes its worth more. ONXX should be careful and just continue with the eye on the prize. Invest in other companies that will raise their value in an areas that will be a huge market for their new products.