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  • roobie42 roobie42 Jul 2, 2013 11:21 AM Flag

    Amazing how they manipulate this stock


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    • Go with it, instead of fighting it. Buy when they push it down below $4.60 or even lower if you want, but not higher, and sell it back to them when it runs up. Keep a core. Been telling you folks this for how long??? But are you still buying it on the spikes, rumors, or news and selling it when it moves down? Seems like it for some. Consider this: if you believe CABO is a franchise moving forward, the shorts here HAVE to cover, even if they are all hedged, as they have to use the overhanging stock, or if naked buy in the market. Either way good for longs. AND time is now on the LONGS side. If you have a core, and now positioned with a trade block, which you would be if following the long standing pattern, you wait. Suppose some speculated event now takes place and the stock gaps up: you win big, both ways. Say it just moves up to higher end of standard repeating range. You can sell the trade block and win. Do it enough times like me, and guess what? YOUR CORE costs you NOTHING AT ALL. That is the fact here, and as I have stated, oh so many times proving to be 100% accurate for more than a year now.