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  • fiborules fiborules Aug 8, 2013 4:33 PM Flag

    todays market action

    hui up 8.88 %
    xau Up 8.42 %
    auq up 9.76 %
    goro up 4.44 %
    kgc up 6.09 %
    scco up 6.56 %
    clf up 8.91 %
    x up 5.25 %
    mt up 5.21 %
    aa up 1.54 %
    ach up 2.03 %
    looks like money is moving into the metals across the board
    to soon to say its bottomed yet they were all very oversold
    and due for atleast a significant bounce .
    wdc up 4.87 %

    onxx down .62 % and yes earnings can move it higher
    yet lets say onxx jumps 20 % from here and hits
    152 . that is a fair move and is somewhat speculative
    and trading news . look at the above percentage you
    could have already made today had you been positioned
    elsewhere .
    i sold onxx at 131 1/2 having owned it from near 40
    i still like the pharma biotech and generic drug sector
    and own several . any movement in onxx will from a
    buy out cause those who want in are already in .
    the earnings today may move it up yet the stock
    looks capped right here right now .
    higher later ? possibly .
    celg tapped 150 and has come back that one may
    be capped for a while to .
    long story short i think the market is overall bullish
    yet try to justify a technical reason why onxx
    should move higher . make the case
    i dont see it right now regardless of what they report
    good luck all