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  • invisitilityyyy invisitilityyyy Aug 9, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    If no buy out offer this stock would be getting pummeled today

    Stock is down due to downgrades. Why a down grade?? Sales for Kyprolis trended down from quarter 1 to quarter 2. This is never good in a launch year.

    For the uneducated pipe dreamers, Onxx is ethical and counts ONLY net sales. Quarter 1 had sales they did not include 9 million in the number because they shipped to distributors but not sold product. This amount for quarter 2 shipped to distributors but not sold was 10 million. a 1 million difference. Onxx is doing the right thing and stating net sales.

    To clarify for the slow pumpers.

    Quarter 1 net sales per Onxx press release 64 million
    Quarter 2 net sales per Onxx press release 61 million.

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    • my last thought on this ,
      assuming the deal is done with AMGN i would expect amgn to drift lower
      ideally near 92.50 maybe mid to late Sept , if that happens i would look to
      buy AMGN expecting to hear a buy out of ONXX , the upside would be towards
      135 on AMGN into year end .if it happens obviously .
      if it jumps great if not ill keep my risk controlled .
      still dont see the reason to buy ONXX though .
      bottom line : im going to sit back and be patient

    • you are never guaranteed of a profit in a week or even some time down the road
      had you sold at or near 130 that is the present bid , and even if a deal is done
      it means you will become AMGN and then there is time to wait before the transfer
      even takes place , time is money and this stock was ABOVE that bid !
      anyone that wanted out at the bid price had there chance already .
      so who wants AMGN ? becomes the question .

    • many times i have seen stocks that are being bought out or have a deal in the works
      flat line near the deal price yet usually just below it . this stock looks like people are thinking
      the 130 price is probably about it . also now that earnings are out and all cards are on the table
      there is no reason for this stock to move up at this time . once everyone that wants in is in
      the stock cant rise because there are no buyers left . this is not about shorts driving the price down
      its about those that bought getting out .

    • So? There IS a potential/pending sale that IS being negotiated at a level higher than where we are sitting right now. There should be no confusion/debate on where the price will go in the near future. Those that are selling are stupid or desperately need their cash for something else, plain and simple. If you can just hang on another week or two then you are more or less guaranteed a profit being long.

    • If it wasn't raining, you would be dry. Kyprolis sales are growing. The percentage of eligible third-line MM patients using Kyprolis increased to 40%.

      "" We reported $61 million in net .sales for Kyprolis in the second quarter of 2013, . representing a 6% increase in demand over the first quarter driven by growth in patient share..""

      The number of hospitals and clinics where Kyprolis is used increased 14% from 2100 to 2400 . Nexavar sales is grew 7% in year over year comparison and 16% sequentially quarter over quarter. Stivarga sales increased 15% sequentially quarter over quarter.

      Your shorts must be cutting off circulation to your brain.