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  • faz239 faz239 Aug 15, 2013 9:10 AM Flag

    Stock manupulatiion ONXX extreme pre=market low BEAR just sell and get out

    Earlier I wrote this morning that this stocj is bullish but I was very wrong. The seel trend started yesterday afterhour and it is continusing. I just do not get it. They got me. May be management knows something I do not know. Politics again. Regular people get screwed up.

    Stock manupulatiion ONXX extreme pre=market low BEAR just sell and get out

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • faz, during the last 2 days onxx was trading around 125 which was around $5 below the offer allegedly on the table. That should have told you some problem was going on in negotiations. I feel great to have gotten out at 125.60

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      • Thank for the info. That make sense.
        The dela may successfully happen but now I am confused when and at what price?
        I got out at 116.50 took some loss. never thougt it will do down that much.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • Actually you figure in time decay, and stock would probably trade to $127.50 or so if $130 deal was announced... but, yes, certainly something was telling.

        They're just jerking us around (and by they, I mean the "inside sources" and the few that get the scoop to trade around it).

        In the end, the deal will get done, and north of $120 per share.

        Today is the day you buy the fear for once. As I opin'ed earlier, just buy some calls that will be in the money on a deal takeover since they will get premium sucked out of them at the open. Then you can rest easy.