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  • dubbel_bee dubbel_bee Aug 25, 2013 6:47 PM Flag

    Long timers: kot, vin, pappas, bear, nidan, labman..

    Long timers on this board - what do you'll think of $125?
    Although it is a bit lower than what I expected, I am glad it did not drag out more. Perhaps the uncertainty of FOCUS and that ASPIRE duration of trails is max 18mos resulted in a lower price than most expected. Also perhaps opro has no value assigned to it.

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    • I also must say that it is a little bit sad to see the Onyx story come to an end, the share appreciation aside. It was exciting to see this company progress, launch a new franchise, and become part of a big pharma co.

    • My shares were in the $37's back in March of last year. Like Vin, very grateful for being a part of Onyx's transformation after the carfilzomib approval. Congratulations to Dr. Coles for a job well done, and to the long time shareholders as well.

    • Dubbel,
      Hey, it has been a hell of a good ride for me as my average price is just over $30. Sure I would have liked a higher price, but I am grateful for what I got. What really shocked me is that Bayer wasn't the buyer. Congrats to you, kot, John, lab man, Nidan and any other long term ONXX longs like us. I am going to use some of my cash to buy more SNTA.

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      • Vin, Thanks for your input through the years! Bought in @ 11.50!!! And glad to see no more hassel

      • Hi Vin,
        I was also a little surprised and disappointed. Given all the recent analyst valuations, I really thought we would get something above $135. The uncertainty related to FOCUS was a factor although I still feel that ASPIRE is far more important and more likely to succeed (the design of FOCUS is problematic, especially if patients in the control arm have access to Pomalyst). Still we did fine--my average was around $64.
        I gather you are still positive on SNTA. Any other recommendations? CLDX has already moved a lot.