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  • Ed_Atlanta Ed_Atlanta Apr 29, 1998 7:30 PM Flag


    This guy keeps changing his name and making stupid comments about ONNX. Avg_investor, dr_micro, Ed_atlante is the same guy. Actually kind of pathetic.

    It started 2 week ago. I made some comments about SFA that he did not appreciate. Like puppy now he follows me around making nasty and stupid comments. Kind of sad and pathetic really. You can go to the SFA message board. You will see the same type of responses from this loser. twx_employees knows about this loser as well, since twx-employee posted in the SFA BBM

    His name will change...but his message will be the same. Either he will make fun of me (insult me) or say nasty things about any stock I like. Sorry guys. This guy is a real loser. I already reported the incident to yahoo. All his names were submitted.

    I am long on ONXX and love the stock for the reasons delineated below. I have 8,000 shares of Onxx. I started tracking Onxx in Feb 1998. You can see my messages dated in February when no one was interested in ONXX.

    Please stop listening to this clown...Any stupid comments, nasty/sexual remarks are coming from this loser. Actually, I feel bad for the guy. Just put him in ignore. Thx.

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    • Whoever you are Ed Atlanta, please stay off of this BBS. You are really starting to get annoying. Even your tech data sounds arrogant and I don't think anyone is interested in hearing what you have to babble about. This stock is finally starting to move and I'm interested in hearing what us winners have to say about it.

      Good Luck to All (hope today was as good as yesterday)!