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  • peterwolff peterwolff Oct 19, 1999 10:37 AM Flag

    another take on p53 and cancer

    treatment. ran across an article (summary
    follows) in september 10 issue of science. instead of
    trying to express the p53 gene, these people are
    inhibiting p53 production to eliminate side effects of
    chemotherapy and allow larger dosage to destroy cancer. any

    peter wolff

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    A Chemical Inhibitor of p53 That
    Protects Mice from the Side Effects of
    Cancer Therapy

    Pavel G. Komarov, 12* Elena A. Komarova, 1* Roman V.
    Kondratov, 15
    Konstantin Christov-Tselkov, 3 John S.
    Coon, 2 Mikhail V. Chernov, 4
    Andrei V. Gudkov 1

    Chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer often have
    severe side
    effects that limit their efficacy.
    Because these effects are in part
    determined by
    p53-mediated apoptosis, temporary suppression of p53 has

    been suggested as a therapeutic strategy to prevent
    damage of normal
    tissues during treatment of
    p53-deficient tumors. To test this
    possibility, a small
    molecule was isolated for its ability to reversibly

    block p53-dependent transcriptional activation and
    apoptosis. This
    compound, pifithrin-, protected mice
    from the lethal genotoxic stress
    associated with
    anticancer treatment without promoting the formation of

    tumors. Thus, inhibitors of p53 may be useful drugs for
    reducing the
    side effects of cancer therapy and other
    types of stress associated with
    p53 induction.

    1 Department of Molecular Genetics, University of
    Illinois at Chicago,
    Chicago, IL 60607,�USA.
    Department of Pathology, Rush Presbyterian St. Luke's
    Medical Center,
    Chicago, IL 60612,�USA.
    Department of Surgical Oncology, University of Illinois at
    Chicago, IL 60612,�USA.
    4 Research
    Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH
    5 Quark Biotech, Pleasanton, CA 94566,�USA.

    *�� These authors contributed equally to this work.

    �� To whom correspondence should be addressed.

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    • Sadly, ONXX has become a day trader target, it is small enough that with a concerted effort, they can drive the price up or down enough for them to make a profit, problem is, it turns off investors.

    • Spitfire had it coming. Also, glad to hear your analysis/prediction. I hope you are proven correct.

    • And actually, following the Beta through Level 2
      on a stochaistics surge, where the Mac D makes ya
      jump, jump, I can safely conclude you're a total

      As far as CHIR, hmm, maybe they have more shares
      than I thought. Been in this thing for going on 18
      months now, they were always selling, thought they were
      done. I'd trust your info more than my intuition (by a
      considerable margin).

      But don't sweat the share price.
      It'll go up fast as soon as the Phase III is

      (Maybe you really can jump in and out of stocks, this
      one is staying low enough, but I wouldn't recommend
      it: odds are good you'll get burned sooner or later,
      plus it's 50-50 whether they'll change the laws enough
      so that investing in a capital-intense small cap
      firm (like a biotech), will be cap gains tax free if
      you hold on for three years -- like it already is for
      big companies.)

      Don't expect anything quick,
      if you heard Hollings on that interview, he really
      didn't wow anybody, so the hype factor for this stock is
      a small one. Hardman's clearly a genius, but it
      remains to be seen how he'll do in crowds and on the road
      show. (But the deal itself is so huge. And if anything
      should happen in IMCL's testing or patents, dat's when
      you expect ONXX to explode.)

      Bad PR factored
      in and assuming IMCL hits, it's 20-30 when Onyx
      announces, 40-50 if they get fast track, 100++ when
      approved, and then we talk revenues and pricing. Put this
      one away and go to sleep, they'll not be impacted by
      Jan. 1.

    • Thanks.
      I freed up a large block of 80
      You might have seen my trade drop the price a

      I am watching eagerly for new

      Should be interesting to see what happens with the
      negative beta that Onyx enjoys when the Feds announce the
      coming interest rate hike.
      Should boost the

      Good Luck to all.

    • FreeMichael:

      you said,"CHIR has been
      selling their stake in ONXX for over a year now, believe
      that 50,000 was the last of their shares."

      is your source for this information? can you be more
      specific? how much has Chiron sold this year?

      have been blaming the lack of ONXX price increase on
      Chiron stock dumping for several years - and at one time
      is was probably true to some extent. Chiron reduced
      its stake in Onyx from 1.4million shares to about
      884K (sold 500K shares)from 1997 to 1998, but only
      sold about 134K shares from the april '98 DEF 14A to
      the april '99 DEF 14A! Furthermore, so far this year
      I can only find the sale of 50K shares from April
      99 to now - not exactly share dumping.

      If you
      have more accurate info about Chiron share dumping,
      please share it.

    • Daytraders having their fun, MMs forcing the
      price between 8 15/16ths and 9 1/16ths. Period. That's
      the range (I had a limit order this morning for 8
      3/4ths, never got filled. Moved up to

      CHIR has been selling their stake in ONXX for over a
      year now, believe that 50,000 was the last of their

      Wait for the Phase III announcement. And for anyone
      who thinks this is "dead money" until

      Yeah jackass. Go buy MO.

      Hold it and don't
      sweat it.

    • counting the 180K shares that changed hands today
      (including some quite large blocks) 1.5 million share have
      traded since last monday's announcement. The float is 10
      million = so 15%. This kind of volume hasn't been seen
      for awhile by onyx and let's hope it is a signal of
      significant "retrenchment" at this price. That is a lot of
      new owners that will hopefully hold for awhile and
      provide a a solid base for a move upwards. Also, let's
      hope some of those large blocks that moved today were
      big boys (and girls) taking notice.

      any other
      thoughts on the volume?

    • Here's a "tip" for you...

      Sell your "huge block" right away, and "mobilize it on something." Please.

    • I don't understand.
      Who is Chiron?
      And why
      would this cause such a downward trend on the stock
      price. I saw that deal go through.

      I still don't
      understand why ONXX, which has now enough media coverage and
      suggested market confidence continues to do
      This is a stock which I just do not

      I tend to agree with the previous poster who
      suggested that there are a lot of long term holders who
      just could not cope with the fact that the price
      peaked a bit when the WLA news hit.
      Some early
      buying, followed by long-termer sell-off and profit
      taking. Only explanation.

      Thanks for followup.

      Any other "tips" would be greatly

      Should I sell my huge block and get out now? I would
      prefer to free up some money and mobilize it on
      something that moves a bit more predictably.

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