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  • glacial_swarm glacial_swarm Aug 7, 2000 11:52 AM Flag

    how you longs feel?.......

    being dicked over by the MM and shorts covering to fool you dummies into buying it up. THen they short it at the top. I shorted 17.5. looking good now. no buyers, no covers, more sellers!!!

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    • you wrote: "I have merely explained that we are
      witnessing an orchestrated pumping to sell shares. I have
      yet to be proven wrong."

      Orchestrated pumping?
      by whom? This company is up because of the Nature
      Medicine publication of 8-1-2000. Whom do you think is "in
      the Orchestra?" The market makers and the editors of
      Nature Medicine? You don't move 30 million shares of a
      10 million float in four days based on market

      Look at the chart, the stock has held
      its' price surprisingly well despit the fast run up -
      very little profit taking. Why? Let's say over the
      last four days the average price was about 15$ per
      share times 30 shares bought = 450 million - do you
      REALLY think all that money has been just fooled by
      market markers manipulation? No, this is up for a
      reason. The Onyx-015 + cisplat. is working pretty well.
      That's why.

    • eom

    • You are not in the same company as the Chinese
      spammer, who has wrecked havoc on dozens of Yahoo! boards.
      Your posts show you to be a short, technical,
      daytrader (nothing wrong with that) and a bit of a braggart
      (merely annoying.) What I stand behind, is my assertion
      that posters who detail their trades, and make
      predictions for closing prices etc. usually (almost always)


    • You guys can continue to try to discredit me all
      you want - I'm a bit thicker skinned than

      You may want to consider who has been terrorizing
      this board (short) for the last week. Other juvinile
      idiots have spammed repeatedly. I have given my opinions
      for trading, and reasoning. I have NEVER bashed the
      company, CEO, etc. I have merely explained that we are
      witnessing an orchestrated pumping to sell shares. I have
      yet to be proven wrong.

      If this does not come
      back to a more reasonable level by the end of the
      week, I will consider maybe I have misjudged. But for
      now, I am at break-even, and have no reason to sweat
      out this push. It can and likely will go back down
      just as quickly.

    • Isn't it strange how shorts always get in within
      an 1/8 of the daily high and cover right at the low?
      I have always found that posters who post data
      about their transactions (prices, number of shares,
      etc.) are merely trying to give their posts
      credibility. If you look carefully they usually slip up like
      barjiz did. He's listed so many prices and volumes who
      knows what he did. Figures if he floods the board with
      his nonsense nobody will notice. Also note how fast
      some of these shorts respond to each other. It is
      either the same person, or some lonely loser with
      nothing better to do than to sit at his keyboard all day
      and wait for his little buddy to write some garbage.
      Finally, think about the numbers barjiz has given us. If
      he is telling the truth he would have around
      $150,000 involved in this trade. How many people with that
      kind of money sit around patting themselves on the
      back on a damn Yahoo! message booard all day long? By
      the way, a few months ago on the IMNR bouard he told
      us he averages $500-1000 bucks a day trading and I
      believe he said he made 80 grand (after taxes) last year.
      All bullshit, look at the source.


    • Lots of shorts covering - adding fuel to the fire.

      I have considered, but will not cover unless it takes out previous high of 19 1/2.

    • Alot of bricks on your floors I bet.

      So much for all that EASY money


    • Seems to be forming a base around 17.
      What you
      shorts seem to forget is that the float in this stock
      has churned several times over the past two weeks.
      There is a lot of new money in this stock with a lot of
      people not willing to sell at these levels. Trend is

    • at 17.5.

      Presumably, should ONXX continue to rise, he'll mention how he covered right at the low, then turned and went long.

      The rest seem to be one person... possibly Barjiz.

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